Draft aftermath

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Draft aftermath

Postby King Wank » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:10 pm

Okay, give me the news... what say you Razzball world?

5x5 Roto 12 teams (11th pick)

C 8 Santana, Carlos (1B,C) CLE 
1B 3 Goldschmidt, Paul (1B) ARI 
2B 5 Phillips, Brandon (2B) CIN 
3B 4 Zimmerman, Ryan (3B) WAS 
SS 14 Espinosa, Danny (2B,SS) WAS 
MI 23 Johnson, Kelly (2B) TB
CI 17 Frazier, Todd (1B,3B) CIN 
OF 15 Hunter, Torii(OF) DET
OF 2 McCutchen, Andrew (OF) PIT
OF 9 Pence, Hunter (OF) SF 
OF 1 Stanton, Giancarlo (OF) MIA 
OF 16 Stubbs, Drew (OF) CLE
U 12 Bonifacio, Emilio (OF) TOR 
U 20 Machado, Manny (3B) BAL 

P 21 Benoit, Joaquin (P) DET 
P 6 Greinke, Zack (P) LAD 
P 13 Janssen, Casey (P) TOR 
P 22 Milone, Tommy (P) OAK 
P 7 Moore, Matt (P) TB 
P 10 Morrow, Brandon (P) TOR 
P 18 Parker, Jarrod (P) OAK 
P 19 Dempster, Ryan (P) BOS 
P 11 Soriano, Rafael (P) WAS 

Bench (P) 25 Ryu, Hyun-Jin (P) LAD 
Bench (P) 26 Doubront, Felix (P) BOS
Bench (P) 27 Hanson, Tommy (P) LAA 
Bench (P) 28 Masterson, Justin (P) CLE
Bench (1B) 24 Lind, Adam (1B) TOR
5x5 Roto 12 teams

C Santana, Carlos (1B,C) CLE 
1B Goldschmidt, Paul (1B) ARI 
2B Phillips, Brandon (2B) CIN 
3B Zimmerman, Ryan (3B) WAS 
SS Espinosa, Danny (2B,SS) WAS 
MI Johnson, Kelly (2B) TB
CI Frazier, Todd (1B,3B) CIN 
OF Hunter, Torii(OF) DET
OF McCutchen, Andrew (OF) PIT
OF Pence, Hunter (OF) SF 
OF Stanton, Giancarlo (OF) MIA 
OF Stubbs, Drew (OF) CLE
U Bonifacio, Emilio (OF) TOR 
U Machado, Manny (3B) BAL 

P Benoit, Joaquin (P) DET 
P Greinke, Zack (P) LAD 
P Janssen, Casey (P) TOR 
P Milone, Tommy (P) OAK 
P Moore, Matt (P) TB 
P Morrow, Brandon (P) TOR 
P Parker, Jarrod (P) OAK 
P Dempster, Ryan (P) BOS 
P Soriano, Rafael (P) WAS 

Bench (P) Ryu, Hyun-Jin (P) LAD 
Bench (P) Doubront, Felix (P) BOS
Bench (P) Hanson, Tommy (P) LAA 
Bench (P) Masterson, Justin (P) CLE
Bench (1B) Lind, Adam (1B) TOR

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Re: Draft aftermath

Postby Mauddib » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:50 pm

A couple of quibbles with KJ and Hunter but nothing big, Team seems solid and any other holes can be fixed off the WW.

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