Funky Max Starts, Strategy Input??

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Funky Max Starts, Strategy Input??

Postby Bob » Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:35 pm

My league is 12 team H2H auction (QS - K - SV - ERA - WHIP - KBB)

The league became pretty hostile to my streaming strategy last year and decided to limit max starts to 7 per week (down from 10 previously)... (we also added KBB to even up an additional cat in offense)

I'm trying to figure out if this hurts me or not. Do you guys think I should change strategy? The team I drafted is in my signature, so it may be too late to change much. I'm just thinking this allows me to be even more selective in my streaming strategy, and that it can still be successful.

Input is much appreciated.

P.S. our season is 17 week regular (7x17=119 starts)
playoffs are 4 rounds, 2 weeks per (7x8=56 starts)
So if I reach the playoffs we're looking at 175 max starts, if that's helpful.
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Re: Funky Max Starts, Strategy Input??

Postby pjd178 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:51 pm

It will limit streaming two start guys, but you can still stream based on matchups. You'll just have to pay closer attention.
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