After sitting though a couple of mock drafts...

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After sitting though a couple of mock drafts...

Postby King Wank » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:40 pm

I had a couple of questions. (I'm picking 11 of 12 in 5x5 standard roto.)

1. Looks like I generally get Fielder with the first pick and Upton with my second. I'm not unhappy with that, but should I go for someone other than fielder and see if Goldschmidt floats to me in the third round?

2. I've been drafting my first pitcher from Tier 3 in the 7th or 8th round. Getting Zimmerman or Latos or Moore in any of those spots. Should I be hopping up and grabbing someone earlier or is that okay assuming I follow the rest of the pitcher pairing theory?

3. General question: what is considered "falling" to me in a draft? If I have a guy who's ranked 60 on my chart, is falling to me when he gets to the 60th pick or is it when I get him at the 70th pick or whatever? For instance, in a couple of these drafts, Posey is 30th on the Grey 400. In three drafts in a row, he was available to me at pick 38. Is that "fallen" enough to draft or should I just avoid him like the plague since we generally punt catching until later?

4. How many practice drafts do other folks around here do before feeling ready for their live drafts? I sort of feel good to go after 7-8 of them.
5x5 Roto 12 teams

C Santana, Carlos (1B,C) CLE 
1B Goldschmidt, Paul (1B) ARI 
2B Phillips, Brandon (2B) CIN 
3B Zimmerman, Ryan (3B) WAS 
SS Espinosa, Danny (2B,SS) WAS 
MI Johnson, Kelly (2B) TB
CI Frazier, Todd (1B,3B) CIN 
OF Hunter, Torii(OF) DET
OF McCutchen, Andrew (OF) PIT
OF Pence, Hunter (OF) SF 
OF Stanton, Giancarlo (OF) MIA 
OF Stubbs, Drew (OF) CLE
U Bonifacio, Emilio (OF) TOR 
U Machado, Manny (3B) BAL 

P Benoit, Joaquin (P) DET 
P Greinke, Zack (P) LAD 
P Janssen, Casey (P) TOR 
P Milone, Tommy (P) OAK 
P Moore, Matt (P) TB 
P Morrow, Brandon (P) TOR 
P Parker, Jarrod (P) OAK 
P Dempster, Ryan (P) BOS 
P Soriano, Rafael (P) WAS 

Bench (P) Ryu, Hyun-Jin (P) LAD 
Bench (P) Doubront, Felix (P) BOS
Bench (P) Hanson, Tommy (P) LAA 
Bench (P) Masterson, Justin (P) CLE
Bench (1B) Lind, Adam (1B) TOR

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Re: After sitting though a couple of mock drafts...

Postby Mauddib » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:16 am

I would consider looking for someone else other than Fielder. 1B is deep enough that I would prefer to get a stud at another position and then look to get Goldy later. If you miss out on Goldy there are still plenty of 1B that can give you solid numbers.

I would be fine with Latos/Zimmermann as your #1.

Generally the term "fall to me" means he went past his rankings and made it to your draft position. A guy ranked 60 but you picked him at 70 would be a good example of that happening.

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