Thoughts on an auction draft

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Thoughts on an auction draft

Postby Robdouth » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:56 pm

Did an auction draft as a practice run for my true auction draft coming up with friends. I feel like one drafter ruined it by spending all their money on 6-7 guys and overpaying, throwing the system out of wack and getting 19 more players at 1$ each. Either way I wanted some thoughts on my values here. Since I figured in an ESPN 10 team 5x5 H2H I would be the only one relying on Razz+Steamer valuations, I could get some talent late for cheap so I may have overpaid a little early. Overall I was very happy with my picks, and if I understand the values on RV correctly, I was able to get 363$ worth of players for 249$. Also, can someone tell me what happens with the additional money? Again first time drafting this way so any help is appreciated:

Player (bid)
Ryan Braun (41)
Giancarlo Stanton (25)
Clayton Kershaw (27 I was trying to push them up and it backfired)
Cliff Lee (19)
Paul Goldschmidt (14)
Adam Jones (18)
Matt Cain (20)
Anthony Rizzo (11)
Jose Altuve (10)
Josh Rutledge (1 - my favorite pick)
Jacoby Ellsbury (14)
Wilin Rosario (7)
Casey Janssen (3)
Josh Reddick (4)
Josh Beckett (3)
Michael Cuddyer (1)
Jake Peavy (8)
C.J. Wilson (6)
Jeff Samardzija (6)
Tom Wilhelmsen (3)
Daniel Murphy (1)
Will Middlebrooks (1)
Todd Frazier (2)
Salvador Perez (4) This was just a flyer on upside and I had money burning a hole in my pocket

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Re: Thoughts on an auction draft

Postby Mauddib » Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:38 am

Looks pretty good. A lot of decent values and although you got stuck with Kershaw, it wasn't a bad price. I also like that you only spent big on one player (Braun) but got a lot of very solid players at reasonable prices.

As for the money, it just goes away (or most leagues that I have played in it does). I assume you have some sort of FAB for free agency.

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Re: Thoughts on an auction draft

Postby ManOrMachine? » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:38 am

How did that guy ruin the auction? The "Stars and Scrubs" strategy can be a sound one, especially in H2H leagues that place very few restrictions on streaming SPs.
Daily H2H 10x10 Each Dynasty 10 Team Yahoo

Budget: $260

Batting Categories: R HR RBI SB K BB TB AVG OBP SLG

C Perez $1 DL
C Castillo $6
1B Hoskins $1
2B Ramirez $11
3B Freeman $11
SS Trea Turner $3
LF Ozuna $1
CF Pham $1
RF Carlos Santana $5
Util Springer $51

1B/RF Bruce $1
3B Suarez $1
2B/CF Kipnis $2
C McCann $1

Pitching Categories: IP W SV HR K ERA WHIP K/9 H/9 BB/9

SP1 Scherzer $61
SP2 Bumgarner $58 DL
SP3 Strasburg $31
SP4 Cueto $2
SP5 Jon Gray $3
SP6 Snell $2
SP7 C. Anderson $2
SP8 Walker $1
SP9 Happ $6
SP10 Odorizzi $2

RP1 Herrera $1
RP2 Greene $1
RP3 Leone $1

Minor League: JP Crawford, Victor Robles, Luis Robert, Sixto Sanchez, Royce Lewis

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