2012 The Fredsies Top Streamers Analyzed

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2012 The Fredsies Top Streamers Analyzed

Postby Simply Fred » Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:10 pm

Oaktown inspired me to research more deeply the successes from last year’s streaming. The results are pretty dramatic.
The top-performing 14 streamed SP (which includes every one of their streams) produced:
GS: 43;IP: 305.1;K: 232;ERA: 1.65;WHIP: .99
W: 35 (yes, 35 W in 43 GS); Home: 20 W in 24 GS; Away: 15 W in 19 GS
Note: these are the top 14 of the total 79 streamed SP
1. Yeah, the Ks are low. AND, I did sort out the group with the highest K/9—they had the worst ERA and WHIP-by far!
2. I did hold these guys while they were hot—not streaming them in/out daily—which, on the one hand, would support drafting up to 3 stellar SP—those would be the ones with excellent ERA/WHIP, ignoring K. Of course, if you can get these results streaming, why draft? On the other hand, they did have poor starts that were avoided via the streaming.
3. 12 were NL; 2 were AL
4. Each of these guys had bad outings, which were avoided (stream-o-nator, baby!)
They were:
Lohse: 8GS/6W
Billingsley: 5GS/5W
C.Richard: 5GS/4W
McDonald: 5GS/3W
A.J.Burnett: 3GS/3W
Niese: 3GS/3W
Leake: 3GS/2W
The rest (fewer than 3 GS): Samardzija, Vogelsong, Maholm, M.Harrison, Masterson, Dempster, T.Wood
Cust Kayin’
(I know: regression MAY be in order. Yet, SON...!)

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