Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

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Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby Dalingh » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:23 pm

I'm not concerned (yet), but is this really a last place team? I had high hopes and my two big dogs have been scuffling to say the least (Votto and Reyes). Someone please talk me off the ledge! I could use an upgrade or two in the OF, I know that much... It's a Yahoo! 12 team ROTO "Pro" league.

C - Soto
1B - Votto
2B - K. Johnson
3B - Wright
SS - Reyes
OF - Kendrick
OF - Markakis
OF - Heyward
UTIL - Butler
UTIL - C. Pena
BN - Y. Escobar
BN - Parra
BN - Campana
DL - Gardner

SP - Lincecum
SP - Gallardo
RP - Bell
RP - C. Perez
P - Nat Geo
P - Ubaldo
P - Samardzija
P - Broxton
BN - Crow
BN - Strop

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby Grey » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:54 pm

Markakis hasn't been good for a few years, Yunel isn't worth tying up a bench spot with and any good Gallardo or Gio do you're hurting with the end of your staff... I wouldn't worry about your early rounders...
Grey Albright

If you want me to look at your team, post the team. Don't post a link to another site where the team is.
Have you given me all the info I need to judge your team? The number of teams in the league is a good start for the big overall questions.
Is your league H2H? Roto?
I don't know who's on your waivers. Don't just ask me who you should pick up. Give me names to choose from.
If you only have one team, post your team in your signature with the league parameters.
I don't know every single matchup for next week, so if you want me to choose a player for the following week and you think the matchups are important, tell me who they're facing.
There's more than one player with the same last name? Then spell out who you're talking about.

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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby bravo0919 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:34 am

yeah man i feel your team. I thought my team was stacked and now I am 0-3 in H2H.

My pitchers don't get run support and walk everyone.
Votto and Jose B suck
Injury to Morse.

whoever i dh has an off week. I play LaHair he sucks, I bench LaHair he hits.

This sucks - check my team

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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby AceUpMySleeve » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:45 am

See below. Shed a tear for me, and move on.

My pitching staff is full of Cy Young canidates, and I have 5 wins and 15 losses. 15 losses and my ERA is 3.20.

Im also 8th in HR.
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WR: Jordan Matthews (9)*
WR: Brandon Marshall
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RB: Lamar Miller
TE: Julius Thomas
W/R/T: Carlos Hyde (10)*
BN: Phillip Rivers QB
BN: Jonathan Stewart RB
BN: Rashad Jennings RB
BN: DeSean Jackson WR
BN: Marques Colston WR
BN: Markus Wheaton WR

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microwave donut
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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby microwave donut » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:04 am

If it makes you feel any better I'm getting killed as well.

Brain freeze closers killing my ratios. Every time I see Stanton or Lind's numbers I feel the urge to throw myself down a flight of stairs.

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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby Dalingh » Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:55 pm

I made a few moves today...

Y. Escobar for J. Hammel
Crow for Milone

Hoping to claim Thornton and drop Samardzija when waivers are processed tonight.
H2H, 10 team, redraft

C - Ianetta
1B - G. Sanchez
2B - Pedroia
3B - Zimmerman
SS - Hanley
OF - McCutchen
OF - Pence
OF - Quentin
UTIL - Beltran
BN - Crisp
BN - K. Johnson
BN - Freese
BN - D. Young
DL - Morneau

SP - Felix
RP - Rivera
RP - Santos
P - Bailey
P - Haren
BN - Shields
BN - Gallardo
BN - Nolasco
BN - D. Hernandez

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Re: Is this really a LAST PLACE team?!

Postby blinkuldhc » Thu May 03, 2012 3:53 am

Your offense is holding you back.

My guess is that you're registering around 3-5 points in HR and RBI, and maybe 5-7 in BA, 7-9 in runs, 10-11 in SBs. You need some power, bad.

1. Find someone who will (unwittingly) pay a premium for the brand-name value of your outfielders. All 3 guys -- Heyward, Markakis, Kendrick -- have more "name value" than fantasy value, and you probably drafted the 3 between the 7th and 13th rounds, even though they don't perform like that.

Heyward is really a rich man's Will Venable; even this season, his 162-game pace:.273-88-14-66-58. Kendrick and Markakis are .285-80-14-70-15 hitters, at best.

Basically, your 3 OFs will combine for about .270-.280, 200-220 runs, 40-50 HRs, 180-200 RBI, 60-70 SBs. A trio of less heralded OFs of, say, Nick Swisher (.265-93-32-93-2), Gerardo Parra (.280-80-10-70-30), and Josh Willingham (.260-80-30-90-6) could combine for .270-.280, 220-240 runs, 65-75 HRs, 240-260 RBI, 35-40 SBs.

2. Target less-heralded OFs (i.e., guys who have more fantasy value than brand-name/real-life value) like: Nick Swisher, Luke Scott, Josh Willingham, Jordan Schafer, Cody Ross, Nolan Reimold, Alejandro de Aza, Mark Trumbo, J.D. Martinez, et al.

Swisher, L. Scott, and Willingham are guys who should get you .260-.270-85-30-90-5, and right now you don't have anyone on pace for 30+ HRs other than Carlos Pena.

3. You're wasting H. Kendrick's value by putting him in the OF. As an OF, he's average across the board. Either find a way to start him at 2B, or trade him to a team that needs and will pay you for Kendrick as a 2B.

4. Find a way to start Gerardo Parra. Parra's a .280-80-10-70-30 hitter, which is just as valuable as any of your current starters -- but don't start him until/unless you've traded away at least one of your current starters.

5. Consider trading/packaging Votto to upgrade at OF. I won't say that Votto is overrated per se, but I do think he's more useful to you as trade-bait than as a contributor.

Trading Votto would be a gutsy move, but you're in last place and you need to make up considerable ground in order to win your league. If it were H2H, I wouldn't try it, since you can sneak into the playoffs and then hope for a good September. But because it's Roto, you're either first or you're last.

You have Carlos Pena, who'd be more than capable as your 1B. Over the last 4 seasons, Votto has averaged .312-98-32-105-10 per 162 games. Over the same span, Pena has averaged .224-87-36-104-4. Yes, the batting average is a HUGE drain, but if you can trade Votto and significantly upgrade your OF, you'll likely gain far more in the other 4 categories than you'd lose in batting average.

For Votto and Markakis, you could receive an OF duo like Curtis Granderson (.270-105-35-100-20) and Nick Swisher (.265-90-28-90-2).
For Heyward, Kendrick, and Gardner you could probably get someone like Andrew McCutchen (.295-100-18-70-30).

Votto/Heyward/Kendrick/Markakis should combine for around .285, 300-320 runs, 65-75 HRs, 300-320 RBI, 75-85 SBs.
Pena/Granderson/McCutchen/Swisher shouldcombine for .260-.270, 360-380 runs, 100-110 HRs, 350-375 RBI, 55-60 SBs.
You might lose 4-5 Roto points in BA and 1-2 in SB, but if you gain 4-5 points in each of R, HR, RBI, you'll come out far ahead.

6. Get rid of Geovany Soto. At this point, not only is he a BA drain, he's not giving you anything. His BA is undoing a lot of what Votto and D. Wright have been giving you. He's got only 1 RBI, on one HR, and he's a lock to not steal a base all season (even the 2-4 SBs from the average catcher would help you).

Get a guy like A.J. Ellis, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Iannetta, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jon Lucroy, Ramon Hernandez.... At least one of these guys should be available, and any of them would be a monumental upgrade over Soto.

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