Sleeper: Mike Fontenot

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Simply Fred
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Sleeper: Mike Fontenot

Postby Simply Fred » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:00 am

I spotted Fontenot from a quality spreadsheet I ran. Here his compare to Kinsler. Used my pts game (R+RBI+TB+BB+(SBx2) for compare.
The only thing he needs is playing time. Watched the Cubs yesterday and the coach said that he and Lou had targeted getting Fontenot more ABs. He is off to a hot start. Unless they pick up another infielder (see Lou's discussion MLB on Cubs page), no real competition to keep Fontenot from playing full time. His left/right production solid. As far as I can tell he is not on anyone's radar. The bottom line just doubles Fontenot's 2008 (since ABs come out about where I would compare to Kinsler). I broke 2008 pre and post AllStar to reflect his progression.

08preAS .336 .402 .278
08postAS .435 .540 .360
Font08: .395 .514 .305
Kinsler: .375 .517 .319

Fon 08 vs. L: .395 .514 .305
Fon 08 vs. R: .417 .476 .333

2007 234 32 3 29 94 22 5
08preAS 143 29 7 21 71 21 2
08postAS 100 13 2 19 54 13 0
2008 243 42 9 40 125 34 2

2008 AB R HR RBI TB BB SB pts
Kinsler 518 102 18 71 268 45 26 538
Font proj 486 84 18 80 250 68 4 490
Ramirez,A480 65 21 77 228 18 13 414
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Re: Sleeper: Mike Fontenot

Postby Grey » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:02 am

Great stuff here! Not sure if I'd put him in the league of Kinsler and Piniella always finds a way to mess with younger players who aren't fully established, but I like Fontenot as a late round sleeper.
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Re: Sleeper: Mike Fontenot

Postby Freak » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:03 am

Piniella is insane and is seriously considering giving the starting job to Miles.

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Simply Fred
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Re: Sleeper: Mike Fontenot

Postby Simply Fred » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:12 am

Compare to Kinsler just to have a standard. Fontenot's projected points are 490 to Kinsler's 538--pretty darn good. Miles off to .235/.188/.188 start--to be expected. Even the Sweetness can't be blind to what they are doing at the plate. (Thanks for comment.)

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