C Benson or Ray Rice in trade?

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C Benson or Ray Rice in trade?

Postby lowertc » Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:27 pm

Does Cedric Benson or Ray Rice have more upside the rest of the way? I have both and was asked about Benson in a trade. i Have Jones Drew as my #1 Rb start 3. LT is on the bench.

Trade would be, I give C Benson and A Boldin
Get Andre Johnson and Lawarence Maroney

WR's would look like this. Johnson, Moss, Sims Walker and TJ(start 3)
RB's would be Jones Drew, Ray R, LT and Maroney (Start 2)

Any other suggestions?

Football: Yahoo STD scoring, No FLEX
QB Philip Rivers Joe flacco(start 2)
WR:R Moss TJ Sims Walker Blodin(start 3)
RB:Jones Drew, C Benson, Ray Rice LT(start2)
TE Jason Witten V Davis(start 1)
DEF: Bal
K: Tynes
Standard yahoo 10 team non PPR:
QB Eli,Ben Roth
WR's Wayne, Fitzy BN: Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Mike Williams (TB)
RB: CJ, Darren McFadden BN: B Wells
Flex: LT
TE: Witten, BN: Zack Miller
K: Tynes
D: Atlanta

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Re: C Benson or Ray Rice in trade?

Postby daves » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:26 pm

If you can start all three of those guys you are sitting pretty. In fact it makes me sick. How many people in your league? 3? Benson's upcoming schedule is a tour of bad run defenses.

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