Trade Ideas

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Trade Ideas

Postby yell0wHAMMER » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:54 pm

12 Team league no PPR. I am trying to get Fitzgerald. Which of these trades do you think I give up the least (It comes down to who is least valuable of Jennings, S.Smith(NYG) and who is least valuable among Kevin Smith,Ray Rice,Mendenall).

By the way, this guy is DESPERATE for RB's, I am his friend in real life and he is begging me for one of my RB's so I am in a position of strength (he started both buffalo RB's last week). He is 1-4 and I am 4-1. If this helps I also have Schaub, Roethlisberger, MOJO, Calvin Johnson, Olsen.

Jennings + K.Smith for Fitzgerald
Jennings + Mendenhall for Fitzgerald
Jennings + Rice " "

Smith + Smith " "
Smith + Mendenhall
Smith + Rice

How do you see the WR's and RB's i'm willing to offer play the rest of the season? I expect the same for Rice but I could see Kevin Smith doing a lot better than he has. I feel like Mendenhall will be great if Pitt gives up on Parker, but will they? Will Rogers get better pass protection so he can hit Jennings more often? Sooo confused.. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I know this is a loaded question but I'm trying to create the best possible deal that I can.. Thanks so much in advance.


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Re: Trade Ideas

Postby Doc Holliday » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:09 am

Since he is desperate I don't see any of these as being straight up wins for you. I'm not for completely ripping a friend off, but I could see going straight up for Fitz with any of those RB's. A starting RB is worth a good WR any day. The O-line situation is scary in GB, but I think they will shore it up and get Jennings the ball more. S Smith is not going to regress much. He's a great route runner and Manning is playing lights out. I don't see any reason to make those trades.
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