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preseaon trade?

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:41 pm
by danimal35
I am obviously hurting on QB and WR...I would like to make a move for a Tier 2/3 WR using one or two of my RBs...was thinking somebody like Brandon Marshall or Ochocinco, somebody with upside but with a bit of doubt going into the season...this league is VERY RB heavy because scoring of .5 pts per carry (and PPR)...I loaded up on RBs knowing I can't start them all but thinking some of the other owners that took WRs early would figure out that without solid RBs they will be getting whooped up on...should I wait until one of my bench guys shows how much they are worth and risk one of the WRs doing the same or try and go preseason trade route...I'm probably gonna have to drop Caddy or James Davis to make room for a kicker anyway so should I package the two of them up and see what I can get for them, maybe a lower tier WR with upside like Chris Henry (who I already have)...suggestions welcome

QB Joe Flacco
WR Derrick Mason
WR Percy Harvin
WR Torry Holt
RB Adrian Peterson
RB Clinton Portis
TE Tony Gonzalez
W/R Ronnie Brown
K --empty--
DEF Green Bay
RB Ray Rice
RB Felix Jones
RB Donald Brown
RB Kevin Faulk
RB Carnell Williams
RB James Davis
WR Chris Henry
QB David Garrard

Re: preseaon trade?

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:13 am
by YouthofToday
If the rest of your league hasn't caught up with the scoring quirks I would wait till after week 1. When your backup RBs outscore another owner's starting RBs I would then make the move to maximize value.