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Trade Help

Postby fish72292 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:03 pm

So down goes MJD and I do not have a very deep running back core to begin with, but I have two good quarterbacks in Brady and Manning. This is a ten team dynasty league. What do you think of these trades? Which ones would you take? Below is my team too.

1. I give Brady
I get Stafford and Doug Martin

2. I give Brady
I get Stafford and Michael Turner

My thoughts are Stafford is struggling and this kid needs a good quarterback and I can play Manning while Stafford is still not playing while. Stafford is only 24 and will be good for a while so I will get a young quarterback for my dynasty league that I will have a for a while instead of an aging Brady who is still amazing.

3. Go in a completely different direction with another team (think it would get accepted?)
I give The law firm
I get Leshoure and Ridely

QB Tom Brady
(NE - QB)
WR Brandon Lloyd
(NE - WR)
WR Marques Colston
(NO - WR)
WR Roddy White
(Atl - WR)
RB DeAngelo Williams
(Car - RB)
RB LaRod Stephens-Howling
(Ari - RB)
TE Kyle Rudolph
(Min - TE)
W/R Randall Cobb
(GB - WR)
BN Anquan Boldin
(Bal - WR)
BN Fred Jackson
(Buf - RB)
BN Maurice Jones-Drew
(Jac - RB)
BN BenJarvus Green-Ellis
(Cin - RB)
BN Pierre Garcon
(Was - WR)
BN Jermichael Finley
(GB - TE)
BN Peyton Manning
(Den - QB)
BN Christian Ponder
(Min - QB)
BN Robert Meachem
(SD - WR)
Pos Edit Kickers
K Robbie Gould
(Chi - K)
Pos Edit Defense/Special Teams
DEF New York
BN Baltimore
(Bal - DEF)

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Re: Trade Help

Postby Sky » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:07 pm

1. Is your best option and may or may not be accepted but given the current performance of the players involved, it's reasonable.

2. Don't like it

3. Not happening unless the other owner doesn't know what they're doing.
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