Jimmy Graham?

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Jimmy Graham?

Postby nickpunto » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:59 am

12 Team PPR H2H, should i pull the trigger on Tony Gonzalez and Stevan Ridely for Jimmy Graham? I gave up a decent amount for Ridely which is why I am apprehensive about this one. I don't think Jimmy is/can have as good of a year and I think Gonzalez is going to have a big year, but it is Jimmy $#[email protected] Graham, and I do have the depth

QB Romo
WR DEz Bryant
WR Roddy White
RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis
RB Ryan Mathews
Flex Jeremy Maclin
Bnch Desean Jackson
Bnch Ahmad Bradshaw
Bnch Stevan Ridely
Bnch Roy Helu
Bnch Desean JAckson
Bnch Jay Cutler

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Re: Jimmy Graham?

Postby Sky » Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:16 am

With Ridley gone, you're down to 2 RBs healthy RBs (one of which just came back from an injury who's very brittle), an RB who might become a questionalbe RB2 with Andre Brown's play (Ahmad) and Roy Helu. You don't have depth to make that trade. I'd hold.
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