Trade eval please

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Trade eval please

Postby t2green2 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:19 pm

12 team - PPR, with the following scoring

1 pt 25 yrds pass
1 pt 10 yrds rush or rcv
1 pt 15 yrds return (Kick or Punt)

Was offered:

Mine - H Nicks and Mcfadden (He may want Washington instead) (Has already asked for Bradshaw instead as well)


His - Maclin and Cribbs


QB Matt Schaub
WR B Marshall
WR Steve Smith (CAR)
Flex Ahmad Bradshaw
Flex Hakeem Nicks
TE Kellen Winslow
K Carpenter
D Chicago

Bench Leon Washington RB
Bench Malcolm Floyd WR
Bench McFadden RB
Bench Ricky Williams RB
Bench Kellen Winslow TE
Bench Danny Amendola WR
Bench Mohamed Massaquoi WR
Bench Benard Berrien WR
Bench Matt Cassel QB

Thoughts on if any of these really benfit me other than seperating Nicks and Bradshaw?

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Re: Trade eval please

Postby havok » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:17 pm

Maclin/Cribbs in landslide. Cribbs is essentially a 1,400 yard rusher with these settings and Maclin/Nicks aren't that far apart. I'd give up McFadden in a heartbeat.
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