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League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:52 am
by VinWins
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Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:57 am
by VinWins
FCL (112 LI) ... w=official

Champion: Cram It (1st overall)
Category Pts: R12 HR11 RBI12 SB11 AVG11 K6 W8 SV12 ERA4 WHIP10 [57/40)
Games Started: 185
Moves: 595
IP: 1547.1
AB: 8055
Draft Slot: 12 - Bautista, Jones, Pujols
1st SP: 85th - Alex Cobb
1st RP: 84th - Mark Melancon
Catcher: 276th - Travis d'Arnaud
Runs: 1168 (4th overall)
HR: 304 (47th)
RBI: 1116 (7th)
SB: 158 (205th)
AVE: .2726 (265th)
K: 1402 (168th)
Wins: 99 (60th)
Saves: 139 (182nd)
ERA: 3.64 (774th)
WHIP: 1.17 (315th)
Trades (3)
June 13: traded Matt Wieters and Pedro Strop for Christian Yelich
July 15: traded Chris Davis and Jason Kipnis for Edwin Encarnacion
July 22: traded Adam Jones and Christian Yelich for Hunter Pence and Trevor Rosenthal

ECFBL (110 LI) ... w=official

Champion: Team AL KOHLIC (2nd overall)
Category Pts: R10 HR11 RBI9 SB12 AVG5 K8 W12 SV11 ERA12 WHIP11 [47/54]
Games Started: 181
Moves: 428
IP: 1517.2
Draft Slot: 8 - Gomez, Cano, Longoria
1st SP: 137th - James Shields
1st RP: 113th - Addison Reed
Catcher: 152nd - Jonathan Lucroy
Runs: 1077 (101st)
HR: 301 (60th)
RBI: 1029 (108th)
SB: 160 (188th)
AVE: .2661 (701st)
K: 1420 (135th)
Wins: 117 (3rd)
Saves: 120 (326th)
ERA: 3.28 (234th)
WHIP: 1.15 (187th)
Trades (8)
April 30: traded Carlos Gomez, Jason Grilli, and Carlos Rodon for Giancarlo Stanton
May 22: traded Robinson Cano and Jim Johnson for Koji Uehara and Jose Fernandez
May 26: traded Addison Russell for Delino DeShields
May 31: traded Danny Salazar for Jose Reyes
June 4: traded Kyle Seager for Mark Trumbo
July 8: traded Joey Votto and James Shields for Edwin Encarnacion
July 22: traded Carlos Correa and Jose Fernandez for J.D. Martinez and Roberto Osuna
July 29: traded Koji Uehara for Zack Greinke

Razzball Champion's League (109 LI) ... w=official

Champion: (TIE) Backdoor Sliders (5th overall)
Category Pts: R12 HR8 RBI9 SB12 AVG4 K9 W10 SV9 ERA12 WHIP8 [45/48]
Games Started: 188
Moves: 834
IP: 1614.1
AB: 8056
Draft Slot: 7 - Rizzo, Hanley, Price
1st SP: 31st - David Price
1st RP: 162nd - Jake McGee
Catcher: 151 - Jonathan Lucroy
Runs: 1155 (7th)
HR: 277 (196th)
RBI: 1009 (172nd)
SB: 186 (46th)
AVE: .2638 (852nd)
K: 1537 (19th)
Wins: 104 (26th)
Saves: 117(351st)
ERA: 2.95 (34th)
WHIP: 1.166 (315th)
Trades (1)
August 13: traded Billy Hamilton for Hunter Pence

Razzball Champion's League (109 LI) ... w=official

Champion: (TIE) Odin’s Virulent Man Beard (6th overall)
Category Pts: R9 HR5 RBI8 SB7 AVG11 K12 W9 SV11 ERA10 WHIP11 [40/53]
Games Started: 179
Moves: 295
IP: 1491.1
AB: 7820
Draft Slot: 4 - Abreu, Scherzer, Sale
1st SP: 21st - Max Scherzer
1st RP: 93rd - Trevor Rosenthal
Catcher: 52nd - Buster Posey
Runs: 1042 (210th)
HR: 256 (431st)
RBI: 1008 (175th)
SB: 136 (470th)
AVE: .2754 (136th)
K: 1596 (5th)
Wins: 98 (77th)
Saves: 137 (194th)
ERA: 3.40 (419th)
WHIP: 1.153 (187th)
Trades (2)
April 17: traded Steven Souza Jr. for Sean Doolittle and Josh Reddick
August 13: traded Hunter Pence for Billy Hamilton

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:30 am
by Grey
You stop just short of me on purpose? Emoticon...

Great stuff, Vin! Hoping you come back next year to take over RCL posts...

Crazy that Cram kinda lost all of the trades he made and picked 12th, and took Cobb and was STILL the best overall team... Shows you that winning isn't done on draft day...

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:11 pm
by VinWins
Ha! Working my way through the leagues by League Index.

Al pretty amazing too, starting with Gomez,Cano, and Longoria.

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:28 pm
by VinWins
Cougs R Us (106 LI) ... sonId=2015

Champion: Don Mattingly's Sideburns (12th overall)
Category Pts: R8 HR10.5 RBI5 SB10.5 AVG12 K12 W10 SV7 ERA11 WHIP8 [46/48)
Games Started: 180
Moves: 106
IP: 1421.1
AB: 7331
Draft Slot: 4 - Miggy, Harper, Price
1st SP: 28th - David Price
1st RP: 100th - Dellin Betances
Catcher: 237th - Yadier Molina
Runs: 1079 (97th overall)
HR: 284 (145th)
RBI: 990 (260th)
SB: 169 (127th)
AVE: .2807 (32nd)
K: 1575 (8th)
Wins: 98 (77th)
Saves: 92 (608th)
ERA: 3.27 (228th)
WHIP: 1.17 (315th)
Trades (7)
June 4: traded Joey Gallo and David Price for Clayton Kershaw
June 15: traded Billy Hamilton for Anthony Rendon
June 15: traded Byron Buxton andJason Kipnis for Greg Holland, Wade Davis, and Joc Pederson
July 28: traded Brett Gardner and Pedro Alvarez for Dallas Keuchel and Hunter Pence
July 28: traded Joc Pederson and Clayton Kershaw for Adam Jones and A.J. Pollock
July 31: traded Mike Moustakas, Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Danny Salazar for Chris Davis, Chris Archer, and Francisco Liriano
August 3: traded Anthony Rendon, Masahiro Tanaka, and Jimmy Paredes for Billy Burns and Jason Kipnis

Night of the Living Zombinos (106 LI) ... w=official

Champion: AK FortySevens (20th overall)
Category Pts: R12 HR10.5 RBI12 SB12 AVG9 K9 W12 SV11.5 ERA4 WHIP4 [55.5/40.5)
Games Started: 187
Moves: 436
IP: 1520
AB: 8040
Draft Slot: 9 - Bautista, Altuve, Springer
1st SP: 136th - Julio Teheran
1st RP: 81st - Drew Storen
Catcher: 40t - Buster Posey
Runs: 1177 (3rd overall)
HR: 298 (72nd)
RBI: 1112 (8th)
SB: 187 (42nd)
AVE: .2700 (421st)
K: 1409 (157th)
Wins: 104 (26th)
Saves: 148 (139th)
ERA: 3.59 (723rd)
WHIP: 1.23 (789th)
Trades (0)

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:45 am
by Grey
Agree on Al, kinda says something about how important a draft is

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:15 pm
by VinWins
RCL 'Perts (104 LI) ... w=official

Champion: Team Albright (8th overall)
Category Pts: R12 HR10 RBI12 SB10 AVG9 K12 W10 SV11 ERA10 WHIP9 [53/52)
Games Started: 167
Moves: 494
IP: 1461
AB: 8087
Draft Slot: 3 - Abreu, Arenado, Marte
1st SP: 70th - Gerrit Cole
1st RP: 118th - Hector Rondon
Catcher: 243rd - Mike Zunino
Runs: 1152 (8th overall)
HR: 283 (151st)
RBI: 1077 (26th)
SB: 155 (238th)
AVE: .2687 (503rd)
K: 1445 (108th)
Wins: 95 (126th)
Saves: 154 (110th)
ERA: 3.31 (272nd)
WHIP: 1.16 (248th)
Trades (1)
June 4: traded Jeurys Familia for Chris Davis

Jawns (104 LI) ... sonId=2015

Champion: Kid A (36th overall)
Category Pts: R12 HR10 RBI11 SB11 AVG11 K11 W9 SV12 ERA3 WHIP5 [55/40)
Games Started: 188
Moves: 425
IP: 1604
AB: 8015
Draft Slot: 10 - Encarnacion, Arenado, Marte
1st SP: 39th - Corey Kluber
1st RP: 106th - Huston Street
Catcher: 274th - Wilson Ramos
Runs: 1131 (22nd overall)
HR: 278 (188th)
RBI: 1046 (70th)
SB: 158 (205th)
AVE: .2727 (256th)
K: 1487 (53rd)
Wins: 91 (205th)
Saves: 186 (24th)
ERA: 3.64 (774th)
WHIP: 1.20 (538th)
Trades (1)
July 5: traded Huston Street for Dallas Keuchel

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:33 pm
by Grey
Hey, I know that team!

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:01 pm
by Abdoozy
hey, wait a minute..

my team (Hepatitis A's) won the West Coast Razzball league with 104 points.

The team listed here as winning (Hopslam Homeruns) finished in 5th place.

Are these the Steve Harvey League Champions or something?

Re: League Champions 2015

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:59 pm
by VinWins
Sorry, I attached the wrong picture for the final group of leagues. Fixed it now.