Setting Up the RCL

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Setting Up the RCL

Postby VinWins » Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:01 pm

Go to ESPN with this link:

[1] "Create A League"
[2] "Create ESPN Custom"
[3] Choose League Name
[4] Change Number of Teams from 10 to 12
[5] Change Access from Public to Private
[6] Choose a password
[7] Choose Draft Date and Time
[8] Click "Create League"
[9] Scroll down to "Games Played Limits (Maximums) (Edit)" and click "Edit"
[10] Change Pitchers GS from 200 to 180.
[11] Click "Submit Roster Settings"
[12] Scroll to the top and click "Create Your League!"
[13] Click "Create League Now!"
[14] Click "Take Me To My League"
[15] Copy League URL

Go to Signup Sheet: ... BT0E#gid=0

Paste your league address in column G of the main page and fill in the other columns - name, email, password, etc.

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