And that's a wrap...

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And that's a wrap...

Postby MStark » Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:19 pm

No play-ins; stats are final.

And congrats to RIV. I don't feel so bad finishing runner-up to a team that ended up w/117 points in a more competitive league.

BTW... Tweet of the night:

RT @mickshaffer: Longoria: "Red Sox just lost." Yankees catcher: "Fastball, inner half."
ESPN 12 team, All MLB Auction $260 budget
Draft 3/18/14

C: Brian McCann (kept 1 yr @ $5)
IB: Eric Hosmer (through 2016, $17)
2B: Anthony Rendon ($5)
3B: Manny Machado (through 2016, $14)
SS: Ian Desmond (kept 1 yr @ $8)
MI: Jean Segura (through 2017, $10)
CI: Edwin Encarcion (kept 1 yr @ $27)
OF: Bryce Harper (through 2015, $14)
OF: Nick Castellanos ($7)
OF: Ben Revere ($5)
OF: Curtis Granderson, ($8)
OF: Brett Gardner ($4)
Util: Billy Butler ($13)
P: Stephen Strasburg (kept 1 yr @ $14)
P: Michael Pineda ($4)
P: Danny Salazar (through 2017, $14)
P: Aroldis Chapman (kept 1 yr @ $21)
P: Zack Wheeler (through 2017, $14)
P: Grant Balfour ($13)
P: Nate Jones ($10)
P: Yordono Ventura ($8)
P: Sonny Gray ($14)
B: Miguel Montero ($4)
B: Gregory Polanco ($3)
B: Denard Span ($1)

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Re: And that's a wrap...

Postby RandomItalicizdVoice » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:39 am

Thanks! Great season. I have to really savor it because I know I will never, ever get anywhere close to 117 points ever again. Really wish I could have closed the ERA gap (I finished 2nd by .002 points...Hudson's 2nd ER did me in) so I could have tied BLTG for unadjusted score (118 points?? Ridiculous!! Absolutely incredible)...but I do seriously have to thank my leaguemates in RCL 5 for fighting until the end. Raynor Shine's season in particular should not be overlooked, as his team had an amazing 2nd half. Not often you score 100 points...and finish 17 points out! I'd be pretty frustrated.

Thanks to VinWins for continual statistical analysis (and for a lack of early interest in Jose Bautista...I imagine you noticed I ended up with Matt Holliday for a few days there anyway ;) ), and obviously thanks to Grey and Rudy et al for hosting this amazing site and the RCLs, and lastly (literally) to Crazee Eyez Killahs for scoring 11.5 in the RCLs! That feat may be even more amazing than BLTG's 118!

Man...a thank you list for fantasy baseball?? I may need to re-evaluate my life.

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Re: And that's a wrap...

Postby Grey » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:22 am

Ha... No problem, you did the work. There will be a post in the coming days about prizes and whatnot.
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