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Postby VinWins » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:06 pm

Tuesday, September 27

The Schmohawks (Original Recipe)

16/55 (.291)

10 Runs
6 Home Runs
14 RBI
1 Stolen Base

52 IP
43 Strikeouts
4 Wins
3.81 ERA
1.17 WHIP

Jose Reyes hit 2 home runs and stole a base for the Schmohawks. Ryan Roberts homered and drove in 4. Josh Willingham, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Adam Jone also hit home runs. They used 9 starting pitchers, getting wins from Javier Vazquez, Roy Oswalt, Madison Bumgarner, and Max Scherzer. Bumgarner and Vazquez each struck out 9, while Hiroki Kuroda added 5 Ks in 6 scoreless innings.


There was lots of great hitting Tuesday. Here are a few examples:(Ave)/Runs/HR/RBI/SB:

Poor Jays (RCL #33) 19/45 (.422)/11/9/16/2

Widespread Panic (The Dread Pirate Rides Again) 16/44 (.364)/11/8/16/2

WilPonzi Scheme (RCL 30) 18/38 (.474)/10/7/16/1

That's a shame (The Dread Pirate Rides Again) 25/58 (.431)/15/6/16/1

Luscious Ballfros (Your Mom's a Schmohawk) 16/46 (.348)/10/6/16/2

Tulowitzki's Polish Sausage (Robust Herd) 16/32 (.500)/13/6/13/2

my little colby (Ones are GOOD right?)

The Padre's Pirates (RCL 22) 22/56 (.393)/15/5/13/2

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