Since The Break

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Since The Break

Postby VinWins » Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:25 am

Stats through Thursday, August 4

You can find stats for your team since the break here:

Pitching and hitting stats can be selected by tab.

Included are columns showing the change in your Average, ERA, and WHIP since the break. Note that a negative number in the ERA and WHIP change columns indicates how much you have lowered (improved) those stats.

Points Gain (League): Oh The Humanity (RCL 17) has gained 22.5 points since the All-Star break, jumping from 46 to 68.5 points. 300 Million PooHoles (RCL Original Recipe) are next with a 17.5 point gain.

Hits: Colicky Fuddruckers (League of Razz and Balls): 310.

Average: Team Cockyphoenix (RCL Original Recipe): .315. And in case you read Steve's comments and thought he was exaggerating about his team's hitting since the break, the Plucky Kiwis have been the worst hitting squad with a .217 average.

Average Gain: Kansas City Panic (RCL #27 Empire of the Razz): .0103 (From .255 to .265)

Runs: Colicky Fuddruckers (League of Razz and Balls): 173

Home Runs: Colicky Fuddruckers (League of Razz and Balls): 50

RBI: Colicky Fuddruckers (League of Razz and Balls): 172

SB: Oh The Humanity (RCL 17): 43

Simply Fred (ECFBL): 235

Wins: Toronto Bautistas (RCL 5), Simply Fred (ECFBL): 21

Saves: Team Rusaw (Robust Herd), Fat Joe and the Terror Squad (RCL 3): 27

ERA: Intentional Balk (Roast Beef Curtains): 1.43

ERA Change:
I94 Series (RCL 14 - Puff Puff Give): -0.398 (From 4.19 to 3.79)

WHIP: Pickled Mustache Rides (RCL 14 - Puff Puff Give): 0.94

WHIP Change: I94 Series (RCL 14 - Puff Puff Give), Hood River Yankees (Tommy Waits Bottle Dodgers): -0.052

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