Stats Summary (July 21)

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Stats Summary (July 21)

Postby VinWins » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:27 am

The numbers for all RCL teams through Wednesday, July 20 can be found here:



Mister Met (RCL 33) reached the 180 Games Started limit Wednesday, finishing with an outstanding game from Clayton Kershaw and a disastrous one from Ricky Nolasco. They join Tannana Dacquiri as the only teams over the limit.

Others closing in on the limit:

Joe For Oil (Razzy Number 13) 177
WilPonzi Scheme (RCL 30) 177
Potent Potables (RCL 22) 175
Human Suitcases (RCL: The Number 23) 174
Pimpin Nipples (Your Mom's a Schmohawk) 171
Montana Moose (League of Razz and Balls) 170
The Sutter Buttes Duo (More Donkeycorns Please) 170

The season is 61.5% complete (approx. 111 starts). The RCL average is currently 118 starts used.

The Spray-Painted Short Buses (More Donkeycorns Please) have used only 35 starts. They have recorded 9.74 strikeouts per start and have a .657 win percentage. The league averages are 6.4 K/start and .455 win %.

Here are the top 10 in those categories (min 80 GS)


Turd Ferguson (Roast Beef Curtains) 8.49
Cust Kayin' (RCL 7) 8.49
Glorious K-nocks (Razzy Number 13) 8.34
Screaming Two-Holes (RCL 7) 8.17
The Padre's Pirates (RCL 22) 8.17
Tig Ol' Bitties (Robust Herd) 8.16
Killa Beez (League of Razz and Balls) 8.11
Jersey Jobu's Rum (Slam and Legs Special) 8.10
MKE 19ers (Matthew Berry Is A Tool RCL11) 8.07
JUSTICE TWO DOG NIGHT (The Dread Pirate Rides Again) 8.06

Win %

Tennessee Moonshine (RCL 6) .663
The BallBusters (RCL 34) .647
Better Lucky Than Good (Partially Torn RCL) .622
Mexicali Blackwings (Tommy Waits Bottle Dodgers) .613
Seattle Pilots (The Beer League) .607
NYC Matthole (Ones are GOOD right?) .602
Glorious K-nocks (Razzy Number 13) .596
The Fuzz (Patrons of Poonhoundery) .594
Poor Jays (RCL 33) .594
Federal Dusters (RCL 5) .591

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