Stats at the Break

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Stats at the Break

Postby VinWins » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:18 am

You can compare your stats to the other 455 teams here


This table shows the top 10 team stats in each category and their points in their league.


There is a limit of 180 GS in the RCL. 20 teams have used over 150 at the All Star break.

Tananna Dacquiri 177
Mister Met 171
Joe For Oil 169
Potent Potables 168
WilPonzi Scheme 165
Montana Moose 162
fried chicken skins 161
Human Suitcases 161
Pimpin Nipples 160
Smoakin Snell-y Wieters 160
The Sutter Buttes Duo 159
Irish Whiskey 158
KC Notgoods 157
Party Talk 156
Stabbing Spree 156
Bayern Oktoberfest 155
FWG Herders 153
Team wilson 153
Laser Cats pewpewpew 152
Halie Selassie Lions of Judah 151

The following table shows the total for the leader in each category in all leagues.


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