My last 10-teamer, I think

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My last 10-teamer, I think

Postby Steve » Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:51 am

These 10-teamers are screwing with my depth perception, as it were. A lot of familiar names, but a few new ones too and a couple of Rudy's Riskys to boot...

(4) Jose Reyes SS
(17) Ryan Howard 1B
(24) Carlos Beltran CF
(37) Jake Peavy SP
(44) Carlos Quentin LF
(57) Shane Victorino CF
(64) Joey Votto 1B - CI
(77) Josh Beckett SP
(84) Garrett Atkins 3B
(97) Ryan Ludwick RF
(104) Jonathan Broxton RP
(117) Jhonny Peralta SS - MI
(124) Javier Vazquez SP
(137) B.J. Ryan RP
(144) Ricky Nolasco SP
(157) Pablo Sandoval 1B - Util
(164) Cameron Maybin CF
(177) Kelly Johnson 2B
(184) Chad Qualls RP
(197) Jair Jurrjens SP
(204) Chien-Ming Wang SPP
(217) Kelly Shoppach C
(224) George Sherrill RP - BN
(237) Jered Weaver SP - BN
(244) Chris Perez RP - BN
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Re: My last 10-teamer, I think

Postby Grey » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:56 am

The biggest problem with a ten team league, they all look pretty good. This team looks very stacked, but I do think it's dangerous to put Vazquez, Nolasco and Jurrjens all on the same team. But in a ten team league there's lots of guys to choose from off waivers. BTW, Shoppach at 217 is crazy.
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Re: My last 10-teamer, I think

Postby adamh » Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:37 pm

Schoppach is slipping in a ton of drafts that I am partaking in. He appears to be an afterthought.

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