Picking 12th...

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Picking 12th...

Postby Steve » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:25 pm

Ok - so was doing a 12-team mock yesterday and picked out of the 12th spot. Took Utley at 12 and Beltran at 13. However, by the time it got to my pick in the 3rd, I was standing in the middle of a virtual 1B wasteland and ended up taking A-Gonz at 36. I can't put my finger on it (and I could be wrong), but something about that pick just doesn't feel right.

I ended up taking Votto for my Util spot anyway a couple of rounds later, so should I have skipped A-Gonz for someone else at 36?

Would appreciate any opinions/comments/etc

I've pasted the first few rounds below so you can see how it panned out around me.

1.1 Hanley Ramirez SS skier14
1.2 Alex Rodriguez 3B Computer 2
1.3 Jose Reyes SS Computer 3
1.4 David Wright 3B Old Schoolers
1.5 Albert Pujols 1B Computer 5
1.6 Grady Sizemore OF CUBSWIN1
1.7 Mark Teixeira 1B Computer 7
1.8 Miguel Cabrera 1B kinkisb
1.9 Ryan Braun OF upwardspiral
1.10 Ryan Howard 1B Computer 10
1.11 Jimmy Rollins SS rotogod
1.12 Chase Utley 2B SteveL
2.13 Carlos Beltran OF SteveL
2.14 Tim Lincecum SP rotogod
2.15 Josh Hamilton OF Computer 10
2.16 Prince Fielder 1B upwardspiral
2.17 Evan Longoria 3B kinkisb
2.18 Johan Santana SP Computer 7
2.19 Justin Morneau 1B CUBSWIN1
2.20 Ian Kinsler 2B Computer 5
2.21 Brandon Webb SP Old Schoolers
2.22 Matt Holliday OF Computer 3
2.23 Lance Berkman 1B Computer 2
2.24 CC Sabathia SP skier14
3.25 Manny Ramirez OF skier14
3.26 Carlos Quentin OF Computer 2
3.27 Aramis Ramirez 3B Computer 3
3.28 Jason Bay OF Old Schoolers
3.29 Dustin Pedroia 2B Computer 5
3.30 Carlos Lee OF CUBSWIN1
3.31 Alfonso Soriano OF Computer 7
3.32 Brandon Phillips 2B kinkisb
3.33 B.J. Upton OF upwardspiral
3.34 Nick Markakis OF Computer 10
3.35 Jake Peavy SP rotogod
3.36 Adrian Gonzalez 1B SteveL
4.37 Matt Kemp OF SteveL
4.38 Brian Roberts 2B rotogod
4.39 Carl Crawford OF Computer 10
4.40 Kevin Youkilis 1B upwardspiral
4.41 Roy Halladay SP kinkisb
4.42 Brian McCann C Computer 7
4.43 Alexis Rios OF CUBSWIN1
4.44 Dan Haren SP Computer 5
4.45 Magglio Ordonez OF Old Schoolers
4.46 Vladimir Guerrero OF Computer 3
4.47 Geovany Soto C Computer 2
4.48 Francisco Rodriguez RP skier14
5.49 Curtis Granderson OF skier14
5.50 Cole Hamels SP Computer 2
5.51 David Ortiz DH Computer 3
5.52 Joe Mauer C Old Schoolers
5.53 Chipper Jones 3B Computer 5
5.54 Alexei Ramirez 2B CUBSWIN1
5.55 Nate McLouth OF Computer 7
5.56 Russell Martin C kinkisb
5.57 Jacoby Ellsbury OF upwardspiral
5.58 Ichiro Suzuki OF Computer 10
5.59 Cliff Lee SP rotogod
5.60 Shane Victorino OF SteveL
6.61 Joey Votto 1B SteveL
6.62 Chris Davis 1B rotogod
6.63 Jonathan Papelbon RP Computer 10
6.64 Dan Uggla 2B upwardspiral
6.65 Joe Nathan RP kinkisb
6.66 Adam Dunn OF Computer 7
6.67 Garrett Atkins 3B CUBSWIN1
6.68 Derek Jeter SS Computer 5
6.69 Ryan Ludwick OF Old Schoolers
6.70 Derrek Lee 1B Computer 3
6.71 Rich Harden SP Computer 2
6.72 Bobby Abreu OF skier14
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Re: Picking 12th...

Postby Grey » Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:23 am

A-Gonz will beat Morneau in power numbers and they're virtually equal overall. Morneau went at 19 and you grabbed A-Gonz in the 30s. What I'm saying is, the A-Gonz pick is just fine.
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