Should I trade THOR?

You wanna trade who for who? Wow, that's awful/great/horrendous/beautiful/really terrible?
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Should I trade THOR?

Postby jonboycubs » Fri May 05, 2017 2:53 pm

20 Team dynasty money league, H2H cats plus OPS and Holds. 45 man rosters,

I am defending this year and my rotation has taken some shots. I lost Wright to surgery but not as huge as the loss of Thor. I have a rebuilding team coming after Thor since he got hurt and I am considering it as his farm is top notch and he has the talent to pull it off while giving me a SP to help defend my title this year. My concern obviously is losing Syndergarrd in a dynasty.... This could also give me a chance to replenish my farm a bit as I only have Benson... I am way overthinking this one so thank you for any and all advice...

Right now Thors contract is 17:$300k, 18:$3m, 19:5m

I would like to get off of him

Lance Lynn - 17: $800K 18: $500K 19-21: $300K
Nick Senzel - 3 yrs $300k
Victor Robles - 3 yrs $300k
Draft pick 1.1 in 2017 Minor League draft // Howver I should probably take another player, but he may want to do just Lynn, Senzel, Robles and a lesser prospect

Would that be enough, would you need more, or am I still asking too much?

His other prospects include
- Maitian, Rodgers, Willie Calhoun, Corey Ray, Nick Williams, kyle Tucker, Yusniel Diaz, Harrison Bader, Alex Reyes, Francis Martes, Carson Fulmer

Now I do not know if he will pay all that. I sent an initial offer of Thor, Jankowski, Lugo, Benson for Martes, Fulmer, Lynn, Robles, Senzel and pick 1.1 and I knew that was way too much. I wanted the first pick to draft Green, but it probably is not needed. Carson and Fulmer are $4m each for 3 yrs so want to pass on them.

C - Perez
CI - Rizzo
CI -Arenado
MI - Russell
MI - Altuve
OF - Trout
OF - Palonco
UT - Bogearts
UT - Murphy

Bench - Schwarber, Jay, Bell, Chris Carter, Altherr, Pence, Y Escobar, Jankowski, R Zimmerman, Contreras

SP - Syndergarrd, Archer, Hendricks, Lackey, McCullers, Porcello, Roark, Teheran, Lugo

Bullpen - Melancon, Jansen, Kimbrel, Reed, Harris, Uehara, Thornburg, J Wilson, Matt Barnes, CJ Edwards, Alex Wilson, Will Harris

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Re: Should I trade THOR?

Postby jonboycubs » Fri May 05, 2017 5:08 pm

I really like getting Senzel here,,, Maybe not flashy but from what I read solid and low risk

I have a good team but it comes at a cost and contracts will catch up with me. I have Arenado at least thru 2018. Got him at 5m this year but I will franchise tag him and he jumps up to 17m, that is going to be pushing it in 2019 as I am sure his RLC will be more and I may have to try and move him.

Rizzo I have thru 2019 and I have him at a decent contract which averages 7.5m per year. I also have Josh Bell on the cheap right now at 300k so down the line if needed he could take the spot of Arenado though I highly doubt he replaces the production.

So while trading Thor is a big move, this is where I think Senzel fits. To keep solid talent in my CI.

Lynn is my big question, yeah he is looking good right now, but it is personal and I am know fan of the Cards and I am sure he would sh*t the bed at some point. That contract is nice though. My finances are solid but tight. Thor is cheap for 3 more years at least, but this year does not matter and I am not going to be able to afford to keep all these guys for much longer. I am having to get creative. Our budget is 160m...

Maybe I am just worried about my roatation losing some of its flash, but this team I constructed can not last forever and if I want to keep winning I think Thor may need to go... Or the 3rd beer is kicking in,,, either way that homer to knock the win out of the Cubs hands tonight sucked the big one...

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Re: Should I trade THOR?

Postby jonboycubs » Fri May 05, 2017 5:16 pm

Trout balloons all the way up to $33.35m for 3 yrs after this year. I will make every effort to keep him in the coming years. I also have Polanco and he has the best RLC of them all at 17:$1m, 18:$3.5m, 19:$5.5m, 20:$8m, 21:$11m, 22:$12.5m

I also have Schwarber but that is it for my OF, Pence leaves after this year to FA. I will still have Altherr

This is where I can see Robles being a nice fit down the line... That is of course if these guys pan out, that is the game though

but I am still getting no pitching prospects back. Of course I can always flip Senzel or Robles, or move something else....

I am not sure if asking for the top overall pick though in the minors draft this year. We draft from the 2017 MLB real life draft,,,

Thanks for letting me use your boards to think out loud,,,, ;)

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