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Trade for Price? Hamels? Craig?

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:46 am
by EEE256
Player in my league has stressed wanting a closer, namely Joe Nathan... is this a fair offer to submit? Do any these help my team? The league has recently had a "veto" issue (first time ever) as some very lopsided trades have been vetoed. Only fair trades are going to be accepted. I personally am against any veto policy as a manager should have the right to manage their team as they see fit but anyways....Should i consider any of these deals:

1. Give: Gallardo, Nathan
Get: D. Price
2. Give: Gallardo, Nathan
Get: C. Hammels
3. Give: Gallardo, Nathan
Get: A. Craig

Any input would be appreciated. Thx

10 team, h2h, mixed, daily 6x6 (ops) non keeper
Cargo, Choo, Victorino
Util: Cuddyer, Freeman
Bn: Morse, R. Zimmerman, Berkman, Marte, Rutledge
Sp: darvish, Latos, Gallardo, Lester, A. Sanchez, Cobb, Iwakuma, Garza (dl)
Rp: Nathan, holland, grilli, janssen

Re: Trade for Price? Hamels? Craig?

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:32 pm
by Mauddib
I like deal #1 and think it is fair. Deal #2 is not quite as good but it is ok. I don't like deal #3 as much.

Re: Trade for Price? Hamels? Craig?

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:14 am
by Bourne
Is #2 Cole Hamels or Jason Hammel? If it is Cole Hamel then I like him a little more than Price. However, they are close.