Trade question

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Trade question

Postby The Dude' » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:11 pm

Yahoo 10 team Roto 5x5 using OBP instead of AVG. Here's my current roster. With Chapman converting to the closer role I am shopping my other closers for an upgrade on Offense. I've also got two solid 3B (Aramis and Zimm) and am targeting the league's Chase Headley owner.

I'm really interested in Pujols here, but I want to get SOMETHING else since I'm giving so much, so I'm looking at Prado. Should I add Machado to the deal? anyone else from his roster that might balance this?

I've been focusing on Cishek, Perkins and Holland, but I've got some interest in Wilhelmsen. Would including any of those guys in this deal be advisable?

I Get:
A. Pujols, M. Prado and ???

I Give:
Adrian Gonzalez, Aramis and Wilhelmsen

My current roster:
C - Lucroy
1B - Ike Davis
2B - Pedroia
3B - Aramis
SS - Elvis
OF - A. Gonzalez
OF - Stanton
OF - Jennings
UT - R. Zimmerman
BN - D. Ortiz
BN - Pence
BN - Aoki
BN - Profar

SP - Greinke
SP - Latos
SP - Moore
RP - Wilhelmsen
RP - Holland
RP - Cishek
P - Perkins
P - Chapman
P - Niese
BN - Samardzija
BN - Fister
BN - Ryu

Other team's Roster:
C - Wilin
1B - Pujols
2B - Cano
3B - Middlebrooks
SS - Prado
OF - Beltran
OF - Victorino
OF - Bourne
UT - Konerko
BN - Headley
BN - Teixeira
BN - Espinosa
BN - Machado
BN - Morse
BN - Hicks

SP - Verlander
SP - Dickey
SP - Shields
RP - Soriano
RP - Fieri
RP - League
P - Parker
P - Rondon
P - Harvey
BN - Lynn


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Re: Trade question

Postby Mauddib » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:09 pm

I think Machado would be a good guy to target as the third player.

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