Miggy - Howard & Hicks Auction Keeper Trade

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Miggy - Howard & Hicks Auction Keeper Trade

Postby jjelson » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:01 pm

Hi Guys,

I was offered the trade below in my keeper auction league and I could use some advice. I'm not sure whether to accept it or not. As of now, my gut feeling, is no because I'd be trading 4 years of Howard & 5 years of Hicks, if he pans out, for 1 year of Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera for Ryan Howard & Aaron Hicks

Miggy's costs $53 this and it would increase to $59 if I keep him for an additional year.
Howard costs B contract and he'll cost me $4 this year and then his contract increments by 6 for years C - E
Hicks will cost $4 when I promote him, which doesn't have to be this year, if he makes the team

Here's the rest of my keepers
Wilin Rosario $3
Elvis Andrus $21
Starlin Castro $10
Carlos Gonzalez $29
Andrew McCutchen $22
Victor Martinez $5
Stephen Strasburg $10

What do you think? Would you make this trade? If not, would you counter with any of the minor leaguers I have below?

Mike Olt or Jonathan Singleton - I know he's suspended for the first 50.

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Re: Miggy - Howard & Hicks Auction Keeper Trade

Postby Mauddib » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:26 pm

Man this is tough. That is a lot of money for Cabrera. What do big names generally go for in this league? The other question is who is likely to be available at auction? Any big names or with 7-8 keepers do most guys get kept? Also tell us more about your league...size, dollar limit, style (points or roto).

First thought is to say no. Save the money for the auction and go crazy there. How much do you think Cabrera would go for if he was available at auction? If there isn't going to be much in the auction and you think you have a pretty good chance at winning the league, then I would probably take the deal. It is a one or two year rental but you aren't giving up all that much in Howard and I don't really think that highly of Hicks. So IMO it is a pretty low cost you are giving up and it more rests on whether Cabrera is worth that kind of money.

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Re: Miggy - Howard & Hicks Auction Keeper Trade

Postby jjelson » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:40 pm

This is a tough decision and the only reason I'm on the fence about this is because of Howard's value. $4 this year and $10 next year is great value for a player of his caliber, even if he's declining. I'm not sold on Hicks either. He improved last year, but I don't expect much from him if he makes the jump this year.

Further complicating things is, there isn't a great deal of star players available and 13 teams will be battling it out for Votto, Hamilton, Beltre an Teixeira. Beltre is the best 3B available and I'm not sure who owners will keep, but this is these names are best of the best right now. This league isn't adverse to keeping high price talent and I do believe Cabrera would go for around $50. However, the MGR trying to trade Miggy mentioned he's received an offer for him from someone who's know to covet him and is willing to pay that amount of money to keep him.

As for my league, I play in Roto league and our hitting categories are R, SB, HR, RBI & OBP. We have $250 for the auction and if my team stays the way it is now, I'll have $150 to build the rest of my team. In the end, I think you're right about it coming down to my ability to win the league. I don't see that happening this year, unless I unload one of ML players, such as Profar, to win the league. And that just isn't my style.

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