Big trade for 2 Aces?

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Big trade for 2 Aces?

Postby freediro » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:07 pm

So I offered this guy Lincecum, Gio Gonzalez and Zach Britton for Roy Halladay. He proposed Halladay, Berdard and Lohse for Lincecum and Hamels.

FINALLY, we agreed on Lincecum and Hamels for Halladay and Carpenter. What do you guys think of this trade? I know Carpenter hasn't been to good this year but he has also been very unlucky. Here is what my team looks like now in my a 8 team H2H, 8 keeper league.

C-Olivo (Mauer is on my DL)
1B - Adrian Gonzalez
2B - Phillips
3B - Moustakas (Traded Liriano for him since I never started him, Wright is on my DL)
SS - Andrus
OF - Carl Crawford
OF - Bourn
OF - Car-Go (traded Sabathia for him last year straight up)
Bench - Butler, Castro, Rizzo, Desmond Jennings(stashed him hoping he can produce for the Rays)

SP - Halladay, King Felix, Tommy Hanson, Carpenter, Gio Gonzalez, Johnny Cueto, Zach Britton, Phillip Humber
Closers - Marmol, Kimbrel, Soria(picked him off waivers when another guy got frustrated with him)
DL - Phil Hughes and Johan Santana

I think the trade is balanced and I am hoping that Carpenter finds his form. I just haven't been happy with what I have been seeing from Lincecum. So what do you guys think, I am open to all criticism and tips. Thanks guys
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Re: Big trade for 2 Aces?

Postby Grey » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:22 pm

Sounds fair. Hamels has been a top 5 pitcher and Lincecum's not exactly bad. Carp's maybe a number #2 if he gets better.
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