Keeper League Trade

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Bob from Germany
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Keeper League Trade

Postby Bob from Germany » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:08 am

Hey guys,

someone in my league is interested in Car-Go, he said, as part of the package, he is willing to give up some of the following guys:

Mini Donkey
Starlin Castro
Alexei Ramirez

For more information look at my signature.

As you can see, I have right now 4 Keeper Outfielders (NO, not Manny, it hurts my dodgers heart, though :) ). We are still in a keeper league and i'm pretty high on Car-Go, but cause of that other three guys i really was thinking to give up one of them.

At third I'm stuck with the Kung Fu Panda. I really think he is an above .300 Hitter, at least in every game i saw him play, he's making contact to every goddamn pitch, even if he about 389 feet outside of the plate. I'm expecting him a 20 HR guy with decent average, or am I wrong here? Would Mark Reynolds really be a huge upgrade here? I mean, i don't see that 20 SB here and i also see a career .250 avg. Sure he has lots of power, but i also have Prince and Miggy at the corners. Another thing is, the guy who offered me the trade, is sitting on Pedro Alvarez. But is he going to be much better than Reynolds? Should i pay a higher price on him, i think he gets pretty hyped right now, sure he will hit tons of Homeruns, but Reynolds will hit them too...

At SS i have Elvis Andrus. I'm not quite sure about him either. Would Castro be an update (keeperwise) here? I see more power in Castro, but more speed in Andrus.

I just don't want to lose Car-Go for nothing.


Sure Keepers:

Miggy, Prince, Pedroia, Braunie, Kemp, J-Hey, Car-Go, Price, Hanson, JoshJohnson.

Beckett ist pretty sure too.

So thats 10 of 12 Keepers.

Other candidates right now would be the Kung-Fu-Panda and Elvis Andrus. So thats why I'm asking.
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Re: Keeper League Trade

Postby Quintero » Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:32 am

Andrus over Starlin for sure. Andrus' swing could generate power given time and has a home park that favors him. Andrus is being compared as Jose Reyes often, but not many people compare Starlin as Tulo........

And your expectation on Panda is about right and he fits your team too.

So it basically comes down to Mini Donkey or Car-Go. I don't have a preference, you can listen to what other guys say.

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