Turner Not a Top 10 RB in 2009

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Turner Not a Top 10 RB in 2009

Postby YouthofToday » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:41 pm

Here is a topic for conversation: Where should one rank Turner? Some folks like the ABC subsidiary's Mr. Berry has Turner #1 overall. I think this is completely ridiculous.

1. Falcons had a ridiculous easy schedule last year that was extremely friendly to RBs. This year their schedule is much less favorable to RBs.
- They go from facing the AFC West to the AFC East.
- They go from facing the NFC North to the NFC East.
- A last place schedule becomes a first place schedule.

2. As such, in addition to less yards and TDs from Turner, there is simply no way the team plays ahead as much as it did last year. This means less touches for Turner as the team won't be killing the clock in the 4th quarter nearly as much.

3. Therefore, the team will have to throw the ball more. Since Turner simply does not catch the ball, he will lose a lot of touches to Norwood when the team needs to play catch up late in games.

As such I would much rather have the following options:
MJD, AP, SJax, Forte, Slaton, Gore, Jacobs, LT2, Barber, DeAngelo, maybe even Chris Johnson



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Re: Turner Not a Top 10 RB in 2009

Postby cleaver596 » Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:28 am

Interesting thoughts. I could definately see why Turner would produce less. I have always been of the frame of mind that I would want a RB who will rush for fewer yards but accumulate receptions and recieving yards. I like a versatile back. AP, Jacobs, Turner. Good running backs but guys I feel hesitant to have on my team. Both Jacobs and AP have a history of getting injured for a few games a season.

Also, with the addition of Gonzalez, Ryan will have another weapon to throw to, meaning the coaches might let him take control more so than last year, meaning less rush attempts per game. I don't know if Turner will be outside the top ten, that seems like a stretch, but I do not see him as number one.
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Re: Turner Not a Top 10 RB in 2009

Postby daves » Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:14 pm

I remember that throughout the beginning of last year Turner was getting criticized for taking advantage of easy matchups and not doing so well against better defenses. No one seems to be talking about that anymore. I'm with you on this one.

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Re: Turner Not a Top 10 RB in 2009

Postby inertiatic » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:49 pm

The Falcons are gonna be in for a rude awakening this season. Opponents are going to figure Ryan out, schedule is tougher and Turner isn't going to be the stud he was last season.
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