Week 7: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

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Week 7: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

Postby B. Inge Drinking » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:00 am

Week 6 Results:
Darius Reynaud: 131 kickoff return yards
Joshua Cribbs: 63 kickoff return yards
Stefan Logan: 26 kickoff return yards
Randall Cobb: 86 kickoff return yards

Season Accuracy: 4/8 50%

If your league includes yards from returned punts that list doesn't look too bad with Cobb & Cribbs cracking over 100 yards. If not, then you were likely screaming at Vick to learn how to run an offense with consistency. Naturally, the Eagle's response was to fire the defensive coordinator for the 17 turnovers by the offense. That's the equivalent of shitting your pants and then only changing your shirt.

You know the great thing about predicting return yards and being wrong? Few read and even less care. It's basically like talking out loud in a ghost town with the only response being your voice echo. Now an obtuse transitional sentence for players for week 7…………week 7…eek 7…7:

Brandon Banks v. NYG: Can you guess how many touchbacks Lynes has accumulated out of 26 kickoffs at home? 2. Outside of onside kicks and squib kicks there is a 92% probability of his kickoff being returnable. The added mix of a Giants offense that can score plenty is a result that streaming returners versus the Giants will have a lot of success.

Doug Wilson v. WAS: The other side of the coin in the Giants game isn’t looking half bad either. The Redskins gave Cundiff his pink slip and brought in Forgath. Last week was his first game and his average kickoff went 3.3 deep into the end zone. Harvin surpassed 100 yards in that game and I see Dougie doing the same.

Chris Rainey v. CIN: The Steel Curtain 2.0 version is not quite the same. When the Titans’ “I have no idea what I’m doing” offensive playbook gives you fits, defense might not be their strong suit. Dalton had a bounce back game against a decent Browns defensive. Without the Hawaiian flying in the secondary the Bengals receivers will be Head & Shoulders above the PIT secondary. That is a pun here is an innuendo: The Red Rocket should explode with juicy stats for another week. Nugent has respectable kickoff depth at 6.4 within the end zone, but his leg strength is sporadic which leads to many returns.

Kealoha Pilares v. DAL: Aloha, Kealoha. Carolina’s defense is not exactly shutting down opponents with allowing 25 points per game. If Romo can see the difference between dark blue/silver and baby blue/white he should be able to avoid another INT laced game. Bailey is the Cowboys kicker and won’t blow your hair back with his stats. He averages 4 yards into the end zone with a 31% touchback rate.

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Re: Week 7: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

Postby Sky » Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:02 am

Hey man, just wanted to say these are great! Keep'um comin!
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Re: Week 7: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

Postby Heraldo » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:31 am

These are awesome. I don't play in a return yards league, but have read them the past couple weeks just because.

So it's not a complete ghost town. haha. Keep them coming indeed.
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