What should my next move be? (along with summary of season)

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What should my next move be? (along with summary of season)

Postby halpernj » Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:03 pm

Current roster is:
WR-Antonio Brown
WR-Dez Bryant
WR-Nate Burleson
RB-Doug Martin
RB-Michael Bush
TE-Antonio Gates
Flex-Kyle Rudolph
Bench-Flacco, Daryl Richardson, Woodhead, Greg Jennings, Greg Olsen
K-Matt Bryant (Picked up Rob Bironas this week for ATL bye week)

League is 12 team head to head, 1 point per reception, An average score is in the 120-135 range

Started the season 2-1 (the lose i only scored 98pts, wins 144 and 126).

In week 4 i lost in the last seconds on monday night by 1 point. Worst part is I was up 65 points going into monday night. It was the bears vs cowboys. I had bush going vs marshall, witten, and dan bailey. I was up 45 points at half time but then marshall and witten just racked up 45 pts somehow, including wittens touchdown in garbage time thrown by rex grossman...lost by 1 i was pissed 140-139

week 5 i had doug martin on a bye and knew i was in trouble, i lost 150-85...my team put up 85 points so martin would not have mattered.

Knew i had to make a move so after week 5 i traded Gronkowski, Garcon, and Hartline to acquire Dez, Gates, and Rudolph... people in the league told me it was a bad trade, but dez, gates, and rudolph combined for 80 pts while garcon didnt play, hartline had 0 and gronk had 12.. 80pts -12pts and i looked like a genius. week 6 won 160-99 and was the high scorer of the week.

So now 3-3 and a 6 way tie for 4th place, the season looks back on track but I have a couple questions..

Should I hold on to gates or try and trade him? His upcoming schedule after the bye does not look tough, but with rivers who knows

Can I rely on Jennings? Looks like he will sit out again this week and still has his bye in week 10. How much can he even produce with the fact that he has been out for a while, and the packers are stacked with receivers

Should I just package gates/jennings for a RB since i really need one? I made 3 offers for rice, foster, and jones-drew but the chances of those being accepted are slim. I was offered reggie bush, should I accept or not enough?

Last, should I trade Dez? Been getting a lot of targets the past few weeks but again, with a qb who throws 5 interceptions every other week, can he be relied on

Thanks for the help

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Re: What should my next move be? (along with summary of season)

Postby Sky » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:08 am

You do need to improve your RB situation but Jennings hasn't played since week 3. You're just throwing him away at this point and won't get much back from owners. Reggie Bush is an overspend if you're involving both of those players.

See if someone needs a TE and try Gates straight up for a reasonable RB2.

Your team is not strong enough at WR to move Dez.

You don't need 3 TEs. The fact you're starting one on mostly a weekly basis as your flex means you should be looking for RB upside on your bench and dropping Olsen.

Given the lack of depth at RB and Jennings' injury issues, I'd be a little worried moving forward with this team.
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