Being the LM is crap

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Being the LM is crap

Postby microwave donut » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:21 pm

A question regarding league management:

We did our auction draft in person, lots of beer was consumed. A couple managers wound up going $1 over the $200 budget. I asked the league what we should do and got no response. I suggested those teams to drop a player to get under cap, but it was ignored. I did not want to be heavy handed and use LM powers to kick a guy from their rosters. Now it's too late for messing with them.

One suggestion from an offending owner was to take the dollar out of their FAAB. To me, a 5 dollar FAAB fine ($100 pool) is more appropriate. This is based on the hypothetical "would you rather have an extra $20 at draft time or an FAAB budget (5:1 conversion)." To me it's a close call, I'd probably rather have the initial auction budget. I asked another manager and he would take the extra auction money in a heartbeat. In this league waivers/FA do not open until after week 1.

I fully realize that I fucked this up by not acting on it sooner. I did not want to be league manager, it's forced on whoever won last season. Constructive ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Being the LM is crap

Postby Sky » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:20 pm

Could be a penalty that rolls forward to next year when you guys do it all over again, i.e. those guys enter the draft with 1 less buck. If you want to do it this season, I think the FAAB penalty makes sense.
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Re: Being the LM is crap

Postby Heraldo » Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:08 pm

Alternatively, "reward" the owners that were that stayed under the $200, with an additional $5 FAAB money. The percentage difference would be minute (100 to 95 is a 5% reduction), (100 to 105 is a 4.76% increase). But you'd be rewarding some owners instead of punishing others?

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