10 team, yahoo, 5th pick. Mixed feelings.

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10 team, yahoo, 5th pick. Mixed feelings.

Postby TheEvilEmpire » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:03 am

I couldn't strategize since draft order is established just before draft time. I ended up with the dreaded 5th pick. 10-team, QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/K/DST (no flex)

[*]1.5 - Calvin Johnson - With Rodgers and the top RB's off the table, had to go with Megatron. QB TD's are 4-points and WR TD's are 6-points. If QB's were getting 6 points I might have drafted Brady.
[*]2.16 - DeMarco Murray - With DMC and even more RB's off the table, I needed to grab the best available.
[*]3.25 - Larry Fitzgerald - This draft went super fast. 45 minutes. I had my head up my ass and was staring at my cheat sheet 6-picks before my turn when I look up and I autodraft Fitzgerald. I wanted an RB but this will suffice I guess. Not very high on Fitz this year with the QB situation in Arizona. At any rate, with the top RB's gone, the top QB's gone, Larry was the best player at his position available and I knew everyone was about to go on a run drafting WR. Indeed, after I picked Fitz - Jennings, Andre Johnson, Cruz, Marshall, Green, Welker, Nicks, and Wallace were picked immediately after. Disappointed but I ain't mad. Larry's never let me down.
[*]4.36 - Darren Sproles - After my third pick I needed another RB badly. The only top RB's left at this point were Turner, Martin, Bush. I opted for Sproles who I think fits in nicely with the NO offense.
[*]5.45- Aaron Hernandez - Just about everyone had picked a QB already and I knew if I waited one more round I would still get a decent QB. With Graham, Gronk, Davis, and Gates off the board, I knew people were going to start scrambling for a TE.
[*]6.56 - Phillip Rivers - It was either him, Matt Ryan, or RGIII. I went with the proven Rivers.
[*]7.65 - Torrey Smith - Needed to get a WR3 and with my other two, I figured I could afford a little bit of a gamble. I liked what I saw of Smith at the end of last year. His attitude, his work ethic, his drive. I'm hoping for a big year from Smith.

With the exception of my Kicker and DST, the rest are bench players.

8.76 - Shonn Greene - Needed some RB insurance.
9.85 - Michael Crabtree
10.96 - Stephen Gostkowski (broke my own rule of waiting to the end for K/DST but with my 3rd pick slip up, I wanted max points from my Kicker)
11.105 - Lance Moore
12.116 - Carson Palmer
13.125 - Tony Gonzalez
14.136 - Houston DST
15.145 - Tim Hightower

Still need to let it stew for a bit before I decide what moves I'll need to make. Just glad to have the first one out of the way.

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Re: 10 team, yahoo, 5th pick. Mixed feelings.

Postby Sky » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:01 am

Not a bad team, except RB might be a headache for you. Not big on drafting two TE in a 10 team league nor would I be doing your kicker approach, would rather bulk up on RB/WR for my bench. Hightower/Greene your only RBs on the bench could come back to haunt you. Surprised/happy to see Gonzalez going so late, but I might be looking to see what RBs are on the waiver and drop him.
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