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Mr. Doc

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:27 pm
by jamiesonmj
Bonjour Dockimus Prime!

Ive read your site for almost 3 years, and I must have you assess my team, if you could. Please, do not be gentle - even if it hurts. I'm thoroughly displeased with this team, but hearing it from you would help me.

League notes: 14-teams, I had pick 11. 6 points per TD (rush - reception - pass), 1 point per reception, 0.25 points per rush attempt, 0.02 points per pass attempt, -0.01 point per incomplete pass, -2.5 per interception, -0.75 per sack, yards unimportant (15yds per 1 point for receiving; 17 per 1 for rushing; 20 per 1 for passing).

This is my team, with round chosen:

QB - brees (2)
WR - andre johnson (1)
WR - amendola (5)
WR - bess (9)
RB - blount (3)
RB - grant (6)
TE - finley (4)
W/R/T - addai (8)
BN - daniel thomas (7)
BN - starks (11)
BN - rashad jennings (13) -> just found out he's injured too.
BN - delone carter (14)
BN - stevan ridley (15)
BN - javon ringer (17)

1) regret taking blount over best; thought best would fall back to me in early 4th.
2) regret taking bess over jacoby ford... or should I?
3) finley in 4th seems too early for a TE, but it was between him, welker, and brandon marshell, and I thought I could wait on WRs since I had AJ.
4) glad i locked up indy and green bay's running games! i need a lottery ticket rb, bad.

What say you?

PS - Youre even a great fantasy baseball writer (I read your baseball fillins). Keep it up my friend.

Re: Mr. Doc

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:30 pm
by jamiesonmj
*5) was praying cedric benson would fall to me in the 5th; he was taken 7 or 8 picks before me. then kinda hoped ryan matthews would fall to me there; he was taken 2 picks before me. amendola was more of a desperation pick. like I said, I hate this team.

Re: Mr. Doc

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:46 am
by Bourne
Bess over Ford doesn't look like a good pick. Bess is the 5th option behind 2 wr, a te, and reggie bush. When your #1 rb is a good rb2 you need a better second back. Drop jennings for Karim. Hope or trade for a second rb but your team isn't a complete loss or anything. Brees could be the best qb in your league.

Re: Mr. Doc

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:08 am
by jamiesonmj

since this is a PPR league with points for rush attempts and pass attempts, my plan was to lock up big name WRs, a top end high-volume QB, and cheap, high-workload rushers later in the draft. I think I accomplished this.

aside from AJ (a stud), I have amendola and bess who should have 85+ catches. Bess has been in the same situation for 2 years now, im not concerned if he will or wont get his receptions.

blount is the lone back in TB (as far as I know...) and that has value, not to mention he also does goal line work. since i decided to take brees in round 2, I was shallow at rb as I expected, so i needed the highest volume rusher available, which was blount. best has more upside but im not sure i could have handled his risk looking back on it..

grant/starks provide me with GBs backfield; grant has always had 200+ carries, and if he cant, starks can. Addai has also had 200+ carries historically.

The runners i have arent exactly brand-name or studs, but they get the job done under these league settings.. no?

Re: Mr. Doc

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:19 am
by Bourne
I don't dislike your strategy but I'd be more comfortable with two good backs or your average backs with a stud back. I have starks in two leagues so he might work out and addai might get extra carries or the more receptions depending how manning turns out.