I'd like to introduce KILLTEAM

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I'd like to introduce KILLTEAM

Postby Hubrex » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:34 pm

12 team H2H non-ppr

RB1/2- Mendy, S.Jackson
WR 1/2/3- A.Johnson, L.Fitz, D.Jackson
D- Giants
K-Some guy

Bench-B.Wells, R.Bush, M.Bush, J.Ringer,D.Mccluster, C.McCoy, Lions

Yes my league is full of potentially retarded people and I've made 3 trades already to get to this point getting B.Wells for T.Jones and H.Ward, Blount for M.Ingram and N.Burleson, and D.Jackson for A.Boldin/B.Jacobs.

My question is what to I move next. I am thinking about trying for Foster while fear is still fresh (oddly enough the guy I'd get him from goes by Fresh, but I regress). What should I offer for Foster? Or what else should I be targeting given the make-up of my team?

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