my first team...

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my first team...

Postby The Peoples Champ » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:27 pm

PPR, 10 teams, drafting 10th

QB Kolb (rd. 7)
RB Charles (3)
RB Shady (4)
WR R.Moss (1)
WR Wayne (2)
WR Maclin (10)
R/W Moreno (5)
TE Finley (11)
D 49ers (14)
K Janikowski (15)

B Stewart (6)
B S.Moss (8)
B Slaton (9)
B Z.Miller (12)
B A.Smith (13)

3 issues.
1 - on the 11/12 turn I couldn't pass on Finley any longer. Noone had a backup QB yet, so figured Zach Miller offers the most upside and there were plenty of QB's left so I could wait. Never even bothered to check the bye weeks, so i got 2 TE's back to back with the same bye week :oops: that leads me to my next point....

2- backup QB. at 12.1, only 10 QB's were taken. I was looking at 7 different guys for my backup. Ryan, Palmer, Ben, Favre, Young, McNabb, Eli. Ryan was taken 12.8. Then 6/7 picks in the 13th round were QBs, leaving me only Eli. He has the same bye as Kolb, so I just went with Alex Smith.

3 - because i had Shady and Kolb, i passed on Maclin in the 8th and took S.Moss (who is lower on my cheat sheets). in the 10th round, I couldn't pass up Maclin's value as my 4th WR (actually my 3rd b/c i think he's better than Moss). got a lot riding on the Eagles this year...

Any other thoughts?

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Re: my first team...

Postby Doc Holliday » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:27 am

As the Eagles go, so your team goes! Finley could be the #1 TE in the league so you've got to feel good about that. You've got a boom or bust team, but I like it to boom. Just got to hope they all lay up to their potential.
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