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Postby MelkyDischarge » Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:50 pm

I'm thinking of one of those movies that come out every so often, where a young idealistic scientist (we'll call him Wren) has trained a primate (we'll call him Aaron) to do human stuff. Aaron is trusted around the lab, swinging across the room to bring Wren a beaker or to place a sample in the centrifuge. Aaron is never caged, always allowed to sleep where he likes in the lab. There's an affectionate bond between Aaron and his gentle trainer as they march forward in their scientific endeavors. Meanwhile Wren meets a girl at conference where he was giving a fascinating speech on the evolution of primate societies. They begin dating and Wren is spending less and less time at the lab. Ignited by jealousy, one night something snaps in Aaron; he destroys the lab, accidentally contracts the deadly Marburg virus and escapes out a window. It's a race against time as Wren seeks to track down his beloved Aaron to inject him with a neutralizing serum before he infects the people of greater Fulton county; all the while the military is considering firebombing the Atlanta metro area to prevent a global pandemic.

Similarly, a pitcher you would never consider rostering has thrown two very good outings back to back. You know as soon you pick him up he will commence to destroy your ERA about every other start. You won't know when to start him or when to bench him and you'll never be able to bring yourself to drop him knowing Wren believes there's still magic somewhere deep inside him. You finally put him in, in a perfect situation, and he gives up 9 runs over 13 hits in 2 1/3 innings. It's only then you realize you have fallen victim to the:


For the record, I realize this isn't a new moniker for Harang, I just think it should be implemented into the glossary and I also wanted to float my workprint...Plus I got to use the word moniker, which sounds a lot like a redneck chick calling out to her friend Monica. "Hey Moniker, you wanna go down to Desparado's with me tonight? They got penny bar drinks."

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Re: Harang

Postby Grey » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:01 am

Haha... Nice lead in, but he's been called that for years, no?
Grey Albright

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