Grey, what is it going to take for ESPN to buy you?

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Re: Grey, what is it going to take for ESPN to buy you?

Postby Stephen » Thu May 13, 2010 1:13 pm

There are several reasons why Grey runs a successful ship. At the forefront is his attention to his consumers. Grey, your feedback is instantly (or as close as possible). I know from first hand my emails are answered quickly when I turn in an article, questions are asked, or ideas are warmly greeted.

Secondly, the detail given to players around the league run below the normal 12 team league players. You're marketing a product that is inclusive to those in 20 team leagues (like I am in), to shallow leagues, to keeper leagues, and everything in between.

Third, and probably most importantly, you're able to mix humor and good information into the same sentence. Most other fantasy sport sites use very juvenile humor. There is some bathroom humor, but for the most part it is puns, created vernacular (i.e. Latin [#-age]), cultural mementos, and one-liners.

Lastly, you are willing to have the readers provide articles for the website.

If you do go, please bring me with :roll: However, I hope this doesn't have to happen.
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