Casey Anthony verdict

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Casey Anthony verdict

Postby bookiebob » Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:40 am

Sorry to drag the real world into our fantasy lives......

Can someone please explain to me how Anthony received a not guilty verdict on the three felony counts against her?

The State told the jury from the beginning that it was a circumstantial case. That means (you f'ing dimwits) that nobody saw Anthony kill her daughter; there were no pictures of the crime in progress; that the body wouldn't have any DNA evidence to present.

It was up to these dullards to listen carefully to the testimony, and use use their common sense to determine what happened, based on the timeline and behavior exhibited by the defendant. It was up to these simpletons to establish who was credible, and who was lying or obfuscating the truth in this case.

They weren't up to the task.

Here's my guess:
Some jackass on that jury had a strong opinion of not guilty, and wasn't going to budge from their opinion. The others just wanted to get the hell out of there. They got tired of being sequestered and away from their lives and families, and weren't going to spend one more minute examining the case.

So a psychopathic child killer walks away to her Bella Vita.

A jury of your peers?

Your peers suck, and don't give a shit about you or about justice. They care about Halloween.

Back in the day, I was on a jury that heard a 2 week long murder trial. We were only sequestered for 3 1/2 days during deliberations. There was an overwhelming mountain of evidence against the defendant. Yet one lame brain juror simply couldn't come to terms with the fact that the defendant killed someone. It was 11-1 for most of the deliberations. You know what finally changed it to 12-0? It was October 31st, and it was Halloween. Everyone just wanted to get it over with, including the holdout, so they wouldn't miss trick or treats.

Without Halloween, it would have been a hung jury. But the lure of fun size Snickers bars forced the case to be concluded.

Nice job justice.
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Re: Casey Anthony verdict

Postby ChrisV82 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:50 pm

I didn't watch the proceedings because I have a job, and even if I didn't I would rather punch myself in the nuts than watch a court proceeding on cable TV, so I can't say if they got it right or not. It's easy to criticize, but the jury is there without talking heads and outside information influencing them. If the prosecution didn't meet its burden, so be it.

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