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Drop Alcides Escobar?

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:48 am
by Bichette Happens
Renteria, Hardy, and Desmond are all available? Escobar seems to be picking up the pace a little and I like his upside but am intrigued by Renteria's mini resurgence....

Re: Drop Alcides Escobar?

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:08 am
by Beane Disciple
I am in the same conundrum in most every league I'm in. For me, I'm sticking with Escobar. When I look at my lower end hitters, I want to get guaranteed Steals or Home Runs. Then you have some scarce production and anything else is a bonus. Here's my take on these dudes:

Renteria- don't be fooled. He has sucked for a long time. I owned him in a deep league last year and for every time he goes 3/4 you get about 5 times he'll go 0/4. Even if he hits for average, there's absolutely no speed or power there.

Hardy- somewhat intriguing. There is definitely pop in his bat. Lineup position is the main negative with him. He's hitting 8th and I don't see him getting moved up that far.

Desmond- was supposed to bat 2nd in the order but he's been buried at the end of the order for the most part. He is a nice, young player but the speed/power upside is somewhat limited.

Escobar- the big thing with him is, you're almost guaranteed 30 steals. So if you don't get anything else out of him, and the lineup position doesn't change, you know you have that in the bank. Right now they've got Gomez in the 2 hole in Milwaukee but if he falters (which is likely) Escobar might sneak his way in there. If so, he would score a boatload of runs, steal a ton of bases, and generally benefit from the additional AB's.

Re: Drop Alcides Escobar?

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:11 am
by BKK
You grabbed Escobar for the upside. The first week is not even over yet. Give the kid a chance. Renteria, come on. Hardy, I like him in MN, but he is not getting you any steals.

Be patient. Its a marathon, not a sprint.