OF and C help

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy? Low priced rookie or high priced stud?
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OF and C help

Postby CarlWeathers » Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:10 pm

I'm barely hanging onto 5th in my 16-team H2H league with Beltran and Hunter Dl'd. I just dropped Alexei Ramirez.....crazy maybe but I think Hill and Rollins are better at 2B and SS from here on out and thought I could do better than him at my OF positions from here on out, with his ankle slowing him and all. Am I crazy?

Heres my batters, who has better value for the next month or so, Milledge, Dukes, Rajai, Velez or

Also, should I drop Wieters for Yadier Molina?

Matt Wieters C
Kevin Youkilis 1B,3B
Aaron Hill 2B
Mark Reynolds 1B,3B
Jimmy Rollins SS
Kendry Morales OF
Denard Span OF
Lastings Milledge OF
Util Gordon Beckham (3B,SS)
BN Torii Hunter

DL Carlos Beltrán

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Re: OF and C help

Postby Grey » Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:15 pm

Dukes -- Don't drop Wieters for Yadier. Dropping Alexei is okay.
Grey Albright

If you want me to look at your team, post the team. Don't post a link to another site where the team is.
Have you given me all the info I need to judge your team? The number of teams in the league is a good start for the big overall questions.
Is your league H2H? Roto?
I don't know who's on your waivers. Don't just ask me who you should pick up. Give me names to choose from.
If you only have one team, post your team in your signature with the league parameters.
I don't know every single matchup for next week, so if you want me to choose a player for the following week and you think the matchups are important, tell me who they're facing.
There's more than one player with the same last name? Then spell out who you're talking about.

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Re: OF and C help

Postby CarlWeathers » Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:01 pm

Awesome. I've dropped Milledge (who I picked up when I dropped Alexei) for Dukes. Hope I'm right about Alexei. Tis my first year playing fantasy baseball and one of the best parts of it has been Razzball.com twice a day since I found it. That and not dropping the donkey-corn two weeks into the season like I just about did..................and picking Hill with the last pick of the draft.

over and (from here on) out :P


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