League 108 - Hardcore Dynasty League (Salaries, farm system, 12-team) looking for members!

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League 108 - Hardcore Dynasty League (Salaries, farm system, 12-team) looking for members!

Postby hwknoche07 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:00 pm

Hey all! My name's Hunter and I'm starting a serious dynasty league with 12 super dedicated people looking to run a dynasty baseball team with salaries, contracts, and a farm system.
I've always wanted to start a league the emulates how the MLB runs its organization and this is the year I finally got the courage to do it. I don't have every current detail yet (as I'm still setting it up), but I'm looking to start gauging interest in anyone interested in joining.
What I do know: As I said, I'm still setting up the league and minute details, but I can give you the gist of what I'm going for and am even open to taking suggestions/things to avoid since it's my first time setting up and running something like this!
1. This will be run on Fantrax as I've heard almost everywhere it's the best in terms of flexibility in running a league like this.
2. The league will be a minimum of $150 to join - open to raising if the league agrees.
3. This will be a 12-team league with C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 Utility - 3 SP, 2 RP, 2 Pitchers
4. I like to run a lot of categories. Usually, a 13X13 - things like batting average, hits, walks, OPS, OFA, SOs, steals - wins, losses, saves, blown saves, CG, SO, K/9, WHIP, etc.
5. This will be around a 26 man active roster with a 10 prospect farm system and 5 IL spots (especially with covid)
6. This will be a salary cap league (this is the area I could use the most suggestions on). So we will have contracts with players as well as through trades. I think it would be fun to run the same salary cap as the MLB therefore we have a good basis for how much players are worth and it makes it feel more realistic.
7. I'm looking for really serious players. Players who eat, sleep, and breathe this. The league isn't the most intense you'll find (like 250 player farm systems through A, AA, and AAA), but I'd like it to be pretty intense and very competitive. I want players who will all be very active in trade talks, constantly shit-talking should they choose, and extremely active. It should be for $150 per person! I'm looking to get the most active players who love this as much as I do and wanna take this seriously. So if you're on the fence, or don't care that much/know you're not gonna trade or anything like that, please just save the space for someone else who will.
8. I'm candidly 23 years old so I'd love for players to join who are around my age. I'm not capping at a certain age or anything, but I'd just prefer to have people my age who can shoot the shit and hopefully form a bond/great league someday. I'd love for this to be the most fun league it can be while also being taken VERY seriously and intensely while being super competitive and active!
9. I do want to state though because this is a more serious/intense league, I will be strict on certain things and bring the hammer down should things not be followed. Like I said, active players who are engaged. Team names will be reviewed by me as the commish. League fees will be through Fantrax. And simply put, I'm a laid-back guy looking to have some fun and I truly believe a hardcore serious league is much more fun than one that's not taken seriously. Competitiveness is where the fun is at. So I'm just being candid that this is solely my league and will be run how I see fit for the greater good of the league. So if there's a player that just isn't fitting the vibe or following the mantra of the league, I have no problem replacing members moving forward.
All in all, I'm still setting up the little intricacies of the league (there's a lot on fantrax) and wanted to start gauging interest from the fellow community. As of now, there are 11 spots available and I'd love to chat with you if you're interested. You can comment here or message me separately. You must have a vast knowledge of dynasty baseball and prospects as well as this will be a very seriously-run league with a farm system, salaries, and everything. Welcome to League 108!

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