Is this a solid/viable strat?

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Is this a solid/viable strat?

Postby shutupandball » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:15 am

I have been pondering a potential strategy for the playoffs (i need 2 wins to lock up my spot, and i should easily get those 2 wins against a mediocre upcoming schedule). is it viable to go heavy closers to lock up saves, and shoot for winning era/whip? i ask this because i feel i have the advantage against the potential playoff teams on offense (when cargo gets healthy it shouldnt be close). however, i am at a relative disadvantage in starting pitching (k's and wins)... as of right now i have 5 closers, but i can turn that into 6 or 7 relatively easily with a pair of deals i can pull off... one deal would include shipping off david ortiz and christian yelich for buster posey and craig kimbrel, and the other would involve shipping buster posey (from trade A), wil meyers, and chase headley, for edwin encarnacion, brian mccann, and either carlos beltran or hunter pence. i would be sitting with 6 closers out of 9 pitching slots at that point, get an upgrade at 3b and catcher with slight drop off at my 3rd of position.
after the deal my roster would look like this
c - mccann
1b - goldy
2b - cano
3b - encarnacion
ss - jj hardy
m.i. - kipnis
c.i. - billy butler
of - cutch
of - cargo
of - pence or beltran
util - whoevers hottest out of a rod or waiver wire bats
6 closers including - chapman, kimbrel, mujica, melancon, perez, and dane delerosa
with the option to stream starting pitching (we have no limitations on streaming) so i can in principle, stream 3 arms every single day if necessary (should i find myself in a big hole in era/whip early)

so with all of this in mind, is it a good idea to go with this strategy? or am i sacrificing too much?
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Re: Is this a solid/viable strat?

Postby Grey » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:38 am

It's viable, but it because really dangerous if one of your closers blows up (1 IP, 4 ER) and it costs you ERA and WHIP
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