To catch a Catcher *WHIR*

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy? Low priced rookie or high priced stud?
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To catch a Catcher *WHIR*

Postby FromNolanToYu » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:28 pm

Salvador Perez is killing me, not owning up to his prospect status, his K/BB ratio is what really worries me, plus his plummeting down the batting order

Carlos Ruiz is back and hit 5th Sunday. He is the most legit IMO of those on the market.

Montero seems as talented and lost as Perez, Arencibia is kind of a one trick pony but one more trick than Perez knows right now, and Russell Martin is mashing but I don't buy it

Quick help in return, thanks... :D

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Re: To catch a Catcher *WHIR*

Postby Mauddib » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:08 am

I would be fine letting Perez go and picking up Ruiz. Realize that Perez might be picked up by someone else and he might end up wit a very solid season. Tough to keep playing him when he isn't doing anything but catchers can be very streaky.

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