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Drafting Pitching Strategy

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:58 pm
by Tbone34
12 team 3-year keeper league; can keep 10 players, but only one that was drafted/kept from top 5 rounds last year.
Top 5 move up 1 round from last year, all others 2 rounds, FA take 18th round and up (17th, 16th, etc).
H2H weekly 6x6 roto; additional cats of BB-KO hitting, L, SV+HD.
C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, (4) OF, UTIL, (4) SP, (2) RP, (1) P, (8) BENCH

The players I currently plan on keeping are:
Positional – Zobrist (11th), Stanton (14th), Profar (18th), Hosmer (19th), and Lawrie (20th).
Pitchers – Wainwright (9th), Zimmermann (13th), M. Moore (16th), Medlen (17th), and Dickey (15th).

Also viable: Willingham (18th) Matt Cain (4th)

I know this site practices patience with pitching and I already have a solid group of pitchers in the later rounds…but given my league’s rules of starting (4) SP and (1) P mixed with it being a weekly H2H roto, does it change your thought process at all regarding top echelon pitchers? I went Votto in the 1st/Pedroia in the 2nd last year and that paid off in spades…
Our league LOVES pitching and you find all the anchors gone by the end of the 3rd.

This year I’m considering drafting Verlander, Strasburg, or Kershaw with my 1st pick (either 6th or 7th overall) if players like Cano, McCutchen, Fielder, and Votto are gone (still on fence with JUp and Cargo) and being pretty much done with pitching until the mid/late rounds. If I go hitter in the 1st I’d look at Price, Felix, maybe Greinke in the 2nd (or JUp, Cargo, Kemp, Hamilton in the 2nd if I go SP).

I think I’ll write off an early SS based on having Zobrist and an early 3B and bank on Lawrie…other positions seem fair game.


Bonus question…it's been made known that Harper is available. What pair would you give up to try and him for this year and next in the 20th and 18th rounds? Profar and ???

Re: Drafting Pitching Strategy

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:19 pm
by Mauddib
If those four hitters are gone plus CarGo is gone then I would be fine looking at pitching. Those SP you mentioned are as good a shot at being stud SP as any of those hitters are at being stud hitters in 2013. I would have a hard time taking Kemp or Hamilton over Kershaw, Verlander or SS.

As for what to give up for Harper. Anything but Stanton would be fine by me.