Please Pick 2 Remaining Starters

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy? Low priced rookie or high priced stud?
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Please Pick 2 Remaining Starters

Postby ohbilly2134 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:24 am

Championship may depend on it!

Burnett vs Atl (N/A)
Gallardo vs SD (Werner)
Masterson vs CWS (Peavy)
Harrison @ Oak (Blackley)
Zito @ LAD (Capuano)
Miguel Gonzalez @ TB (Shields)
Norris @ Cubs (Volstad)
Turner vs Mets (Dickey)
Phelps vs Bos (Lester)

12-Team H2H League:

C - Gary Sanchez
1B - Edwin Encarnacion
2B - Rougned Odor
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Trea Turner
OF - Charlie Blackmon
OF - George Springer
OF - Matt Kemp
Util - Eduardo Nunez
Bench - Miguel Cabrera
Bench - Zack Cozart
Bench - Yasmani Grandal
DL - Michael Conforto
DL - Matt Kemp

P - Jacob deGrom
P - Luis Severino
P - Lance Lynn
P - Gio Gonzalez
P - Collin McHugh
RP - Kenley Jansen
RP - Corey Knebel
RP - Sean Doolittle
RP - Brad Ziegler
RP - Jake McGee
RP - Blake Parker
RP - Bud Norris
DL - Jon Lester
Dl - Danny Salazar

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Re: Please Pick 2 Remaining Starters

Postby BluePulaski » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:02 pm

I'd roll with these two:

Harrison is pitching in Oakland...should keep the score down...Rangers need to close this out today.
Harrison @ Oak (Blackley)

Game still has implications for Baltimore...and Miguel has owned the Rays who are now eliminated...I think Shields has been rocked buy the Orioles too in the past...and the O's will be primed to offer a lot of run support.
Miguel Gonzalez @ TB (Shields)

I do like Burnett and who knows who he'll be facing but the way Pittsburgh is hitting they are bound to give him no run support.
Burnett vs Atl (N/A)
Gallardo vs SD (Werner) It's still up in the air as to whether Gallardo will start...Gallardo is a good pitcher and he would outrank all of the guys on the list but if he doesn't start he doesn't help you...the Brewers are leaving up to Yovani as to whether he wants to make his last start or he's already over 200 innings.

Who knows about tomorrow? Let's say Burnett wakes up a little sore? I think Harrison and Miguel offer two starts that matter to their know they are starting and they are motivated to pitch well and their teams are motivated to back them up with defense and hitting because both the Rangers and O's need/would like to win...

...I'd go with Harrison and Miguel...and don't look back...if you receive word soon from the Brewers that Yovani is a sure thing tomorrow then that might change things...but as of now...Yovani might miss his last start tomorrow.
10-team mixed keeper league (15 keepers), H2H - 1 Win R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS/W/CG/SHO/SV/K/ERA/WHIP/QS
C - empty (will pick up a hot catcher when ready)
1B - E. Hosmer
2B - J. Kipnis
SS - T. Tulowitzki
3B - A. Beltre
OF - M. Trout, A. McCutchen, J. Upton
UTIL - G. Stanton, A. Rizzo, B. Harper, empty slot

PITCHERS: SP - S. Strasburg, A. Wainwright, G. Gonzalez, H. Iwakuma, S. Miller, K. Medlen, H. Ryu, M. Garza, A. Cobb, H. Bailey, R. Porcello, M. Estrada, W. Peralta, S. Gray, E. Ramirez
RP - A. Chapman, A. Reed, J. Benoit
N/A slot: M. Pineda. DL - C. Maybin, M. Moore

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Re: Please Pick 2 Remaining Starters

Postby Grey » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:44 pm

ohbilly2134 wrote:Championship may depend on it!

Burnett vs Atl (N/A)
Gallardo vs SD (Werner)
Masterson vs CWS (Peavy)
Harrison @ Oak (Blackley)
Zito @ LAD (Capuano)
Miguel Gonzalez @ TB (Shields)
Norris @ Cubs (Volstad)
Turner vs Mets (Dickey)
Phelps vs Bos (Lester)


Gallardo, Burnett, Miguel, Norris... I agree with above, Gallardo may not start...
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