The Fantasy Roundtable question of the week is:

Despite the tiny sample, what one player are you most worried about so far?

Visit this week’s roundtable @ RotoAuthority to see my answer (which clearly resulted in jinxing Nefty Happy) and others…

  1. Andy says:

    Gordon Beckham is killing me right now

  2. Matt says:

    Speaking of worrisome starts, I picked up Jair Jurrjens as a late round flier in one of my leagues, and Edwin Jackson as one in another. Do you think these guys are droppable? Both leagues are 13 and 14 teamers, so the WW is a little slim, but there are still guys like Lowe/Carmona/Davies/Garland/Parra/Cecil. Do you think either of these guys will turn it around this year?

  3. Wilsonian says:

    If anyone had followed any of my replies to other posts, you would’ve seen an 8 day trend of me asking when/if I could drop Beckham in an 8-Team H2H league. The guy has been pathetic. I know people say he’s been unlucky, but how often have we seen an “unlucky” start turn into a huge, get sent to AAA slump?

  4. magicterp says:

    My biggest worries = Hunter craPence + Octavio Dotel

  5. The Cow says:

    Adam Jones — in a 16-team league, there is not much on the scrap heap that I feel would be better, but he is frustrating me something fierce. Someone find him a power pellet!

  6. xtremehulk says:

    Grady Sizemore …. i hate him

  7. Jake says:

    It is hard to look smart when they wait TWO FULL WEEKS to post your response. Who are you most worried about after three weeks of baseball?

  8. Mentioned to Grey this AM that Glass Chipper has fulfilled pre-season injury ridden concerns thus far this season. Yet, he’s a maybe less obvious disappointment for those of us that were hoping for a revitalized or even respectable version of himself. With that in mind and with 0 trade value, is it too early or would you outright drop him for any of a healthy and youthful Smoak or Ike Davis (not Chris Davis, had him too, & Aramis, & Tex — so far 1B/3B has been a friggin’ debacle for my squad), or substitute with a fellow vet like Blake, Rolen, or Glaus? + was away during your pre-nuptials trip to Vegas Rudy, so belated congrats & all the best!

  9. Zeke says:

    Sizemore and McLouth are killing me.

  10. Cole Hamels. I didn’t realize I drafted Scott Kazmir.
    Johnny Cueto. Is this as good as he gets? If so he’s barely rosterable in 15 team mixed.

  11. and1mcgee says:

    Barry Bonds. He hasn’t done anything yet this yr.

  12. For all Gordon Beckham owners, don’t panic. He’s just had some bad luck so far. But if you’re in an 8 team H2H league, might as well just play the hot hand. I’m already pissed i held onto Aaron Hill in an 11-team league and let go of Kelly Johnson and Casey McGehee (the two fill-ins while he was out)….

  13. Pi-HOO! says:

    Juan Pierre. Talk about a stable track record falling off of the table. So much for 11th round value.

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