This week’s Fantasy Roundtable is hosted by phonetically fetishy friends at Fantasy Phenoms.

THE TOPIC: Three pitchers who have exceeded expectations so far are Jon Lester, Zack Greinke and Justin Verlander. Owners of these pitchers have been relying on them as weekly starters who play an intricate role for their fantasy teams. All three are on pace to strike out over 240 batters. If you had to choose one of these pitchers to continue this trend, who would it be? Why?

All three pitchers got a vote so it’ll be interesting to see how all us ‘perts will look in retrospect. I just wish the Phenoms offered up Jason Marquis because I think he’s a lock for 22+ wins…

  1. Verlander to continue pace in all categories.

    Greinke to continue to dominate ERA/WHIP/Ks, but plays for an awful team and win pace unsustainable.

    Lester is an awful ballpark and a tough division, and I don’t think he’s as talented as the prior two.

  2. votto votto votto!!!!!

    love that dude…

    Thoughts on hamels? Is there something wrong with the guy? We all know he threw really deep into the post season last year…. is thats whats up?

    I know the HAMELS owner in my league is fed up. Thinking about offering Wainwright or shields for Hamels AND capps… especially since capps took a loss today and the guy might just be on tilt….

    is it worth a gamble on hamels if i can get a closer….

    I’m stacked at pitching by the way.

  3. the control seems to be there 77K’s to 18BB…. what gives? unlucky, whip is horrible so i assume since the BB is low the HITS are astronomical….

  4. Lines says:

    Would any Ichiro owners out there take Nate McLouth and Scott Baker for him? How ’bout Hamels, straight up? Ethier?

    I need to unload a pitcher, and I need average. Thoughts?

  5. Chris says:

    after reading the fantasy phenom blogger’s justification I will never read his site again. The fact that only two pitchers have had k/9 over 10 the last two seasons is not even relevant to pitcher’s chances of doing it this year. Awful

  6. BSA says:

    7 RBIs for DLee tonight.

    Its been a long season. Hopefully this continues.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: It’s worth it for Hamels and Capps there.

    @Lines: I’d take McLouth and Baker for him. I’d also take Hamels straight up depending on the situation.

  8. @Grey: Blalock will clear waivers tomm in my 12 teamer, i have wright at 3B, i’m pretty much stacked pitching and hitting… worth a flier? say drop Latroy Hawkins?

    the dude that dropped him went with gordon beckham instead, and i understand hank the tank was slumping…


  9. Also who is the Closer in TOR?

  10. i’m thinking frasor, i just checked and they haven’t had a save opp since june 23rd and that was his last save, BLECCHHHH….

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: I’d drop Hawkins for him if you’re fine on saves. Or if you htink you can get Hawkins back if need be.

    Frasor until Downs returns.

  12. @Grey: yeah i think i’m the only one in my league that picks up a guy “who might be a closer in the next couple weeks”

    Thats also why i’m in first…. I defly think i’m gonna drop hawk for hank, i’ve got a 9 priority… might as well burn it. All the smarter guys have higher priorities anyways and wont be burning theres unless there’s a retarded drop… in which i wont get the player anyways!

  13. Throw gaudin vs. LAD tomm?

  14. Robert says:

    Is Kazmir too risky vs the Rangers on Friday?

  15. what you you rather field on your team…Pablo @ C and Jose Lopez @ 3B (assuming he gets eligibility) or Wieters @ C and Pablo @3B

  16. Corey says:

    Which three out of these five do i start?
    Cahill @ Cleveland
    Burnett vs Toronto
    Slowey vs Detroit
    Piniero @ Cincy
    Gaudin vs LA

    I’m thinking I leave Piniero out. Gaudin intrigues me, but who of cahill/burnett/slowey would I leave out?

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Corey: Gaudin, Burnett, punt?, Slowey… But Slowey’s a worry because he’s been dealing with something that caused him to throw a terrible game last time out.

  18. Corey says:

    I mean, I don’t have to throw a third guy, but I thought Cahill might be a safe bet against cleveland, but two sounds fine.
    Thanks Grey!

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