Fantasy Razzball Standings are up!  Click here for the standings.  We’ve added a link to the left sidebar for the standings page as well.  We’ll try to update it every week or so.

Early congrats to Minor League Miner, the unidentified owner of the Flailin’ Mendozas (is that you, Mil Mascaras?), and Troy Patterson of and

Good luck to all those in the running for the free DreamMaker Spa!

  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I apologize for not manning my team. Don’t you hate it when school interferes with fantasy baseball drafts? haha. You can go ahead and delete my team (Angry Piniellas). I do look forward to participating in my first Razzball League next season. I will make sure not to have any statistics exams on draft day.

  2. Beau says:

    Would you guys drop beltran (I dont have a DL spot for him) in a 10 team 5×5 3 of/2 util league in order to stash stanton? Ive got fragu, holliday, podsednick, robot, and bruce in my of/util spots with quentin and ellsbury on the bench.

  3. Thunder Dan says:

    Razzball 3 represent! We’ve got four of the top 10 spots!

  4. Denys says:

    @Beau: i wouldn’t even have beltran or stanton on a 10 team… how deep is the outfield? 5 spots?

  5. Beau says:


    3 of with 2 util. League has mi/ci though so most util spots are used by OFs. Its a keeper league so thats why i was thinking about grabbing stanton, just like i have santana stashed. Other OFs on wire are mclouth, coughlan, kubel, reimold, hart, rivera…

  6. Oh why did Texas send Chris Davis down? He was the heart of my team.

  7. Mi says:

    Well, I’m not quite Mil Mascaras. But thanks for the recognition of how much the guys on my team suck. In a good way. Lyle Overbay, you are truly a golden god.

  8. ELaw says:

    Chris Davis has burnt me 2 years in a row…i guess ill draft him again next year lol.

    Anyone willing to do this trade?

    B. Phillips and Ubaldo for Utley and Mariano

  9. Mike says:

    Also, I evidently didn’t even manage to finish typing ‘Mike’. Mock away.

  10. Jay says:

    Hey, I need some ‘pert advice on a possible deal. It’s a 5×5 standard rotis. league. It’s Howard, Hanley, Victorino, and Hamels for Miquel Cabrera, Drew, Braun and CC. What do you think????

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ELaw: I’d take Ubaldo’s side.

    @Mike: Nice URL.

    @Jay: I think it’s too many players moving back and forth.

  12. MarkM says:

    Duchs left with an injury in the 4th. Anyone see how bad or even what it was?

  13. Mike says:

    @MarkM: Well, I didn’t see it, but with Duchscherer, I’d guess a sore elbow, and he’s presumed dead.

  14. if you need someone to take over for any of these deadbeat fantasy owners, send me the required info?

    peace out, and keep up the good work. i’ve turned my keeper team around in one off-season, with a lot of assistance from advice read on here.

  15. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Should I drop Russell the Muscle for Doumit at C?

  16. Terrence Mann says:

    Damn. I’ve worked pretty hard to be in 63rd place. League is pretty tough, too. I’m surprised our top guys aren’t near the top. Wonder what those top teams look like….

  17. Bob from Germany says:

    What the fuck is John Buck doing??? And this guy is my franchise cornerstone! Can someone bitchslap him?!

  18. @Asdrubal Bastardo: No worries but the season ain’t over yet. No names removed from the standings. Start adding and dropping players so you can avoid finishing so low :)

    @Thunder Dan: Nice!

    @Troy Patterson: Ha. That’s the heartbreaking thing about April for Razzball. Your best players get demoted or retire. I remember Matt Morris gave up like 19 ER in the first 2 games before hanging them up….Hopefully those deceptively good starts for my Braden and Hochevar lead to longer ropes to hang themsevles….

    @Mi: If I had to choose b/w Mi, Mike and Mil Mascaras as my commenter name, I’m choosing Mil Mascaras. Cust kayin’.

    @Terrence Mann: There’s a link at the top of the standings for a Google Doc with all the league URLs. So you can see what they’re doing…

    @Bob from Germany: 3 HRs from your razzball catcher. You’ve been Razzed!

  19. majortommy says:

    @Thunder Dan: RAZZBALL 3!!!!!!

  20. Terrence Mann says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    Cool. I spent my summers at camp Tardicaca and don’t see obvious things like that. Personally, I think Bill James Hand Job is the best team name. I have the best yahoo avatar in the history of the internets, if anyone cares to see it.

  21. @Jay: I am a sucker for a blockbuster. Are you the side giving up Hanley? If so, I love it for you. Braun might be the best player on Earth, Hamels ain’t Hamels ’08, Drew is pretty decent, and although chicks dig the 45-48 bombs from the big man, I’ll take Miggy’s .330 and 37-42. Overall, you are upgrading in 3 spots and downgrading only one. Now go click accept and feel the earth shake….

  22. @Rudy Gamble: How about this, then?

    @Grey: Thanks. That’s half the battle. Now I just need to write content for it more frequently.

  23. Joe Monte says:

    Isnt it a sad sad day when my RAZZBALL team has a lower ERA and better WHIP than my other fantasy team? Are Mike Pelfrey and Livan Hernandez going to be 1-2 in the NL CY Young race???


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