The Fantasy Razzball Master League Standings went up on Saturday. You can access them here and via the link in the ‘Razzball Commenter Leagues’ section in the left sidebar.

Early congrats to the owner of team Bill Bergen c. 1909 (aka commenter ‘Tom’) who has the early lead. Your team must really suck. Although they can never suck as much as your team’s namesake. E-mail us your address at [email protected] and we’ll send you a free t-shirt. The same goes for the owner of the Pesky Pole Dancers in the Razzball Commenter League. For those unfamiliar, we worked with a company to design two t-shirts – a Sparky Anklebiter shirt and a “It’s Tough Being In A Platoon” shirt. They’ve got several other t-shirts as well that are sans Razzball fingerprints. Buy one of the t-shirts now and receive a free once-used envelope and invoice with your name on it!

Early congrats to the league, Razzball 5, which so far has the highest competitive index of 107. It’s probably because you’re collectively out-pacing the 1250 IP cap but at least your innings so far have stuck.

The competitive index is based on the point totals of the top 8 teams in each league. If your league is bad (good?) enough to have 3 teams that fall below the top ‘Razzball Dummy’ team, I use the ‘Razzball Dummy’ team’s points.

Second to last note: I had Vin Mazzaro on my bench for his historic 14 ER in 2+ IP. Sonavabench!

Last note: If you’re in one of the Fantasy Razzball Leagues, fill out this form to add your Razzball Commenter Handle:

  1. The gig says:

    First comment….no way!

    Pick 2: FMart, Denorfia, Fukudome

  2. Wow. 5th in Razzball Standings, top 10 in RCL standings. Not a bad show for my first season…

  3. NewBVick says:

    Too bad about the URLs. Could you tell us who is the highest team while also being behind the 1250 innings pace?

  4. Plasmaj says:

    I had mazzarro in but only 35 pts! Would have expected more given the historic awfulness

  5. Tom says:

    Bill Bergen c. 1909 will need to find another Royals pitcher to throw now that the Golden Goose Kyle Davies is on the DL. Vin Mazzaro will temporarily hold his roster spot due to his generous meatball portions.

  6. Sean says:

    Geez I’m first in my league and I would be fifth in Razzball League 5.

  7. ichirosan says:

    Started Vin Mazzaro this week.

    Yet, I’m still stuck in the mehness of my team.

  8. OaktownSteve says:

    MStark you just jinxed yourself bro! It’s only May. Work on your opposite jinxing.

    “Dang my teams are overrated. It’s only May. This won’t last. I’m about to tank. All my guys will probably get injured.” Etc ad nauseum.

  9. @Oaktown Give a guy a break; I held out as long as I could.

    Truth is, I have been lucky to be mostly injury-free, and to not have had any serious under-performers (on my RCL team).

    Now pipe down before I start telling everyone how well your team is doing and spread that jinx-bug around…

  10. OaktownSteve says:

    @MStark: Knock on wood I’ve been lucky. I am where I am through no skill of my own. I’m sure doom is lurking. I’ll probably finish last. I also expect my wife will be leaving me soon and for my dog to run away shortly thereafter.

    @Rudy: how current is the spreadsheet? Is it supposed to be through yesterday or as of Saturday. If they are current then there’s a problem….I’m like 300 points light in the wallet.

  11. @OaktownSteve: It was last updated this weekend. We just scheduled this post to run today instead of earlier in the week.

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